Rock and Shock

Nine, Ten, Never Sleep Again… Heather Langenkamp Among Names Added to Rock and Shock 2012 Line-Up

The original dream girl, Heather Langenkamp, who became an instant genre icon with her work on the Nightmare on Elm Street series, is the newest guest added to the Rock and Shock 2012 roster.

Rock and Shock Film Festival 2012 Puts Out Call For Entries

The Rock and Shock Film Festival is ready to see your damnedest. The beloved Worcester, Massachusetts, horror convention is putting out a call for entries for this year's film festival.

First Slate of Guests Announced for Rock and Shock 2012

One of the Northeast's biggest horror festivals is ready to rise again as Rock and Shock is scheduled for October 12-14 at the DCU Center and Palladium in Worcester, Mass. We've got a full list of the first guests officially announced.

Looking for a Twisted Gift for that Psycho in Your Life? Three Words: QuiET RoOM BeARs

You can go out to the store, especially this time of year, and grab some pretty disturbing merch. These past few weeks alone I've seen animatronics of guys puking in a barrel and mincing body parts with a cleaver along with an especially gruesome one of a torso with a giant rat gnawing at the innards as he shrieks and tries to crawl away. Pretty good, but there is something commercial and controlled about them. If you want simple runaway madness, unencumbered by corporate limitations, look no further than Lee Howard's QuiET RoOM BeARs.

Event Report: Rock and Shock 2011 Thrills Attendees Again

As it's been doing for years now, the Rock and Shock festival in Worcester, Massachusetts, delighted fans again this past weekend (October 14-16) with three days filled with screenings, celebs, and music. If you are a horror fan on the East Coast, this is your Graceland.

Inkubus Producer Chad Verdi Makes Play for Amanda Knox Story

Dread Central is currently at Rock and Shock in Worcester, Massachusetts, and has gotten a real scoop! Film producer Chad A. Verdi, who brought us the weekend's main event, the Robert Englund-fueled vehicle Inkubus, a film about an demon that is part Assault on Precinct 13 and part Ghoulies, dropped a huge bomb on us: He wants his next film to be based on a true crime story. That of Amanda Knox.

World Premiere of Inkubus, Starring Robert Englund, William Forsythe, Headlines Rock and Shock 2011

If Rock and Shock 2011 doesn't get here soon Glenn Ciano is going to burst. Why is that, you ask? Because Glenn makes his feature film directorial debut with Inkubus, and the film will be having its world premiere this Saturday night at Rock and Shock 2011 in Worchester, MA and he can't wait to unleash Inkubus on the unsuspecting world.

Screen Media Handling US and Canadian Distribution for Glenn Ciano's Inkubus

When Doctor Gash interviewed Glenn Ciano recently, the Inkubus director mentioned the film was scheduled for a theatrical release in at least nine cities starting on October 28th, and now we know what company will be handling said release: Screen Media, who is rolling out the flick the pre-Halloween weekend in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, and California.

Director Glenn Ciano talks Inkubus, Robert Englund, Infected, and More!

Glenn Ciano will not be stopped. With an incredibly infectious energy level and a "by any means necessary" filmmaking attitude, this director is brimming with excitement about the theatrical release of his first feature film. And the lucky bastards at this year's Rock and Shock horror movie and music convention, will be the first to bear witness to Ciano's creation, Inkubus starring Robert Englund.

Rock and Shock Gets Rowdy

The minutes are ticking away until the 8th Annual Rock and Shock in Worcester, Massachusetts, and updates are starting to come fast and furiously (like an angry greyhound in heat). The festival is scheduled for October 14-16, and we've gotten word of two more guests being added to the already impressive list as well as a world premiere film. Read on, New Englanders. Like having the Red Sox and Patriots dominating their respective sports isn't enough. Now you get the most kickass horror convention in the Northeast as well. Well played, Worcester. Well played.

Rock and Shock Horror Festival Announces ICP, Mushroomhead to Perform

One of the East Coast's premier horror festivals, Rock and Shock, has announced its official ticket release date as well as some major musical acts that will be performing at the event. And you can bet your ass these guys will fit in perfectly at Rock and Shock.

Rock and Shock Adds Howard Sherman to Guest List

The Rock and Shock Horror Festival, scheduled for October 14th-16th in Worcester, Massachusetts, already has an impressive list of celebrity guests, but today they added one of the most famous zombies in the history of the genre.

Rock and Shock Film Festival 2011 Looking For Entries

Previously we mentioned the fact that Screamfest LA Horror Film Festival 2011 has put out its last call for entries. Well, let's say you're a filmmaker, but California isn't exactly your scene. Maybe you kissed a girl and you liked it, but California Girls aren't exactly your thing. If you're more an East Coast-minded individual, well, we've got something for you, too.

Rock And Shock 2011 Is Shaping Up Quite Nicely

Rock and Shock 2011 may still be four months away, but the guest list is already taking shape quite nicely. As always, it's one hell of a delightful convention - especially for those of us in or around the Massachusetts area. About time we have something awesome happening in our neck of the woods.

Rock and Shock 2010 Coming to Worcester, Mass, This Weekend (Oct. 15-17)

October has already been dizzyingly packed with all manor of geekery and bloody great events up the ying yang, and now, just before the holiest of days (i.e., Halloween), we get to play at ROCK AND SHOCK! It all goes down October 15-17 at the DCU Center and the Palladium in Worcester, MA.