Robert Orci

Horror Avengers Assemble for Van Helsing Reboot

Universal's last Van Helsing movie left us over-emoting in disgust like Dracula's brides. Still, the franchise is very much a no-brainer and as such they're taking another - ambitious - crack at it!

Horror on TV: Three New Pilots to Keep an Eye Out For

It's pilot season for television networks, and while the horror offerings thus far have been on the light side, in addition to the previously mentioned "The Sixth Gun" at NBC and "The Originals" at The CW, we have news on three more pilots we'll be keeping our eyes on.

New Van Helsing Movie Taking Different Approach

There's no doubt about it: The last time Universal took a crack at making a Van Helsing flick, they completely dropped the ball. While the monsters were kind of cool, everything else... well... sucked. Good thing they're headed back to the drawing board.

Producers Offer Update on Xombie Adaptation

To say that we are fans of James Farr's flash / comic sensation Xombie around the Dread Central offices is a bit of an understatement. Simply put, it was friggin' brilliant, and if you dug it as much as we did, then you, too, are probably jazzed about the upcoming adaptation. Speaking of which ...