Robert Kurtzman

Free Frights from The Scream Factory!

Remember The Scream Factory announcement we alluded to last week (“What is The Scream Factory?” – April 2008)? Well, it's here!

What is The Scream Factory?

Every now and then we get these cryptic e-mails from people trying to drum up interest in some indie venture or another, but very rarely do they ever turn out to be anything.

Rage, The (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Erin Brown, Andrew Divoff, Reggie Bannister, Ryan Hooks Directed by Robert Kurtzman Distributed by Screen Media Films

Tobin Bell in for Bump

Robert Kurtzman’s Precinct 13 just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Today it was announced that the former Fangoria Comics title Bump is making its way to the big screen and a star has been cast!

Kurtzman, Robert (To Live and Die)

Robert Kurtzman is best known to most horror fans as the “K” from KNB Effects, but as of late he’s becoming better known as a very busy director. He’s got his own effects house, Precinct 13, as well, and has to date directed Wishmaster,

Get Ready to Rave for The Rage

We just got the word from Robert Kurtzman that principal photography on his much anticipated new film The Rage wrapped up this week in North Central Ohio.