Robert Kirkman

AMC Talks Walking Dead Spin-Off Series

A while back we told you that AMC and Robert Kirkman were working on a spin-off of the highly popular "The Walking Dead" TV series. Finally an update has come which details how far along the side project has come.

Robert Kirkman Talks What's Ahead in the Second Half of The Walking Dead's 4th Season

Since everything pertaining to "The Walking Dead" has been deemed newsworthy on the Internet, we make it a practice of covering all that we can. Even if it's a single-sentence update from TV Guide.

Get Ready for The Walking Dead's Mid-Season Return with Four New TV Spots

AMC's "The Walking Dead" Marathon (more about that here) continues until 5am Thursday morning, January 2nd, and in case you've missed the network's commercials for the show's February return, an enterprising YouTuber has captured them all thus far.

Robert Kirkman Talks Adding The Walking Dead Comics' Big Bad Negan to the TV Series

He first appeared in Issue #100 of The Walking Dead comics and killed off a much beloved character by wielding "Lucille," his baseball bat covered in barbed wire. We're talking, of course, about Negan, and if you're wondering when we might see him on the TV show...

Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer Crawls Out of the Grave

There's no question about it; Telltale Games' The Walking Dead Season One was one of the single most visceral gaming experiences we've had in a long time. Season Two is just around the corner, and we have a look at it here for you.

Robert Kirkman Talks The Walking Dead Spin-Off

Given the immense popularity of "The Walking Dead," a spin-off series was only a matter of time. IGN caught up with creator Robert Kirkman, who shed a bit of light on what to expect once it arrives.

Robert Kirkman's Outcast Brings Exorcism to Cinemax

Given the success of AMC's "The Walking Dead," it was only natural that other networks would be eager to turn creator Robert Kirkman's other comics into TV series. And the next one that's about to be adapted for the small screen isn't even out yet!

Missing The Governor on The Walking Dead? Exec Producers Drop Some Clues on His Return!

"The Walking Dead" has been spending lots of quality time with the crew we know and love, but what about the big bad we love to hate: the loathsome Governor? Isn't he supposed to be back this season? Exec producers Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple recently spoke about that very topic...

Telltale Games Reveals Trailer and Details about The Walking Dead: Season 2

If you remember, yesterday I told you about a mystery image that popped up on Telltale Games' official fan page with the line "Keep that hair short…" and a statement that all would be revealed on October 29th.

Join Dread Central's Sean Decker, The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman, and More Tonight on TradioV

Looking for something audibly spooky to spend some time with this evening? Of course you are! Hell, most of us look for that kind of entertainment all year, but tonight we have something special.

Telltale Games Leaves Cryptic Hint About The Walking Dead Season 2

If you were wandering around Facebook after watching the latest episode of "The Walking Dead," you'll have seen an image on Telltale Games' official fan page with the line "Keep that hair short…"

New York Comic Con 2013: Celebrate The Walking Dead: A Decade of Dead

Several unique events celebrating The Walking Dead are happening at New York Comic Con, and we have all the details you need right here, including how you can see the documentary The Walking Dead: A Decade of Dead.

All Covers Revealed for The Walking Dead Comic's 10th Anniversary Issue #115 - All Out War

Issue #115 of The Walking Dead series is a special one as it marks the comic's 10th anniversary, and we have a look at all of the connecting covers being released in honor of the occasion.

The Walking Dead Novel Series Continues with The Fall of the Governor

While we wait to see what happens to the Governor in Season 4 of "The Walking Dead" on TV, fans of the comics already know his counterpart's outcome. If you read the novels that tell how he got there, mark your calendar for October and The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor.