Rob Zombie

H2: Scout Loves Happy Endings

Dread Central favorite Scout Taylor-Compton released another still from the upcoming Halloween 2 on her official MySpace Page this weekend, so of course we nabbed it and brought it here for ya! We're good like that!

MTV's Halloween 2 Clip Now Live!

You know it figures. Everyone else is out celebrating the weekend, and what has to bring me home from partying? The need to do a news story about Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 . You're lucky we love you guys, damnit!

Get Ready to Play with Michael Myers

Fellow geek fanboys like myself have all been asking one question (well, actually we haven't but for argument's sake): "Who will be handling the action figure for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2? And the answer is ....

H2: New Photo of Myers

Yet another new image of Tyler Mane as Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 surfaced today, from what we believe to be the beginning portion of the film before he became all battle-damaged! Dig it!

Zombie, Rob (Halloween 2)

Today I sat down with Rob Zombie to get to the bottom of a few things pertaining to his upcoming film Halloween 2. Wh

H2: Danielle Harris Mugs for the Camera

Without question one of the best parts of Rob Zombie's Halloween was Danielle Harris. Say what you want about the rest of the movie, she was spot-on the entire time. You could feel her fear. That's precisely why when the news broke that she'd be back for the sequel we were all pretty happy. If these latest pictures are any indication, she's happy too!

New Halloween 2 Teaser Poster

Man, what a way to end the week for Halloween fans. First, we publish an exclusive in-depth interview with Rob Zombie that should answer a lot of your questions, and now there's a brand new teaser poster kickin' around.

Exclusive: Rob Zombie Talks Halloween 2, Myers, and Unlikely Heroes

Today I sat down with Rob Zombie to get to the bottom of a few things pertaining to his upcoming film Halloween 2. What direction has the series taken, what's up with the characters, what's up with Michael's look, who is this teased "unlikely hero", and most of all will this be his last outing in Haddonfield? Read on for the goods.

Official Halloween 2 Synopsis Teases Hero

The Weinsteins have released the first official synopsis for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, and in it they talk about an "an unlikely new hero". As long as it isn't Busta Rhymes I'll be really happy. Dig it!

H2: Happy Cinco De Mayo from Coffins!

While Rob Zombie stays busy editing Halloween 2, Uncle Coffins keeps getting into all sorts of mischief. Case in point: A new photo surfaced today on Zombie's MySpace page in the form of a public service announcement, this time showing what happens when you take things a little too far.

H2: The Haddonfield General Massacre

Even though Rob Zombie is hard at work editing the follow-up to his 2007 film, he did take a moment to slide fans a particularly gory still from Halloween 2 as per usual on his MySpace page.

*UPDATE* Halloween 2 Trailer is now LIVE!

The wait is over! The official trailer for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 has arrived online in its non-bootlegged format so you can soak up every strange second of it, and while you're at it check out a new still of Battle Damaged Myers™!

H2 Teaser Bootlegged

Don't want to wait for tomorrow? Through the power of bootlegging you can watch the trailer for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 right now! Hurry up and dig it before it's gone!

Halloween 2 Trailer Finds New Online Home

A couple of days ago we told you that the new trailer for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 would be hitting YouTube this Friday. Well, cancel that. Come the end of the week we'll all be watching the trailer on ...

H2: New Photo of Myers ... Walking!

In our never-ending quest to begrudgingly bring you every bit of news about Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, we now present the most startling image yet -- Michael Myers WALKING!