Rich D'Ovidio

Abigail Breslin Buzzing About The Hive

Little Miss Sunshine is growing up fast, and she's ready to make the move from Zombieland to Brad Anderson's latest terror locale, The Hive. Read on for details!

Halle Berry Signs on for The Hive

Well, it's official. The gorgeous Halle Berry is headed to stir up trouble within The Hive. Please, movie gods... let her do so in a string bikini. Hey, we can dream, right?

Joel Schumacher Out and Brad Anderson In for The Hive

It's a new year and time to shake things up with regard to Troika Pictures' upcoming The Hive. Joel Schumacher, who was originally attached to direct the suspense thriller, has now been replaced by Brad Anderson (Transsiberian, Vanishing on 7th Street).

Joel Schumacher Enters The Hive

While the world is still hasn't fully recovered from bearing witness to the terror that was nipples on the Bat-suit, director Joel Schumacher has yet another low budget tale of terror to tell that will take us deep into the mind of a murderer.