Curse of the Devil (DVD)

Curse of the Devil DVD review (click for larger image)Reviewed by Uncle Creepy

Starring Paul Naschy, Fabiola Falcon, Faye Falcon, Ines Morales, Maritza Olivares, Patty Shepard

Directed by Carlos Aured

Distributed by BCI/Deimos Entertainment

There are movies out there that came out of the glorious Seventies that can make you believe that at the time of their production the filmmaker, the crew, the studio, and everyone who was involved with the project was completely and thoroughly stoned immaculate for the entire time of their tenure on said film. Remember the term “far out“? Need an example of exactly what that meant? Look no further than Paul Naschy’s Curse of the Devil.

Here’s the plot; just try and follow along: Hundreds of years ago Elizabeth Bathory and her coven put a curse on the Daninsky family right before their execution that would have the family’s blood line forever cursed with lycanthropy that would lay dormant until the right time. Fast forward years later, and the latest member of the Daninsky clan accidentally kills a gypsy while hunting. This brings down the wrath of a practicing Satanic coven who further curse the unlucky bastard via a ritual that finds him bitten him with “Satan’s Teeth” thus bringing all that forgotten werewolf jazz front and center. But wait! There’s more! A crazed axe murderer is also roaming the countryside, and he digs on chopping off heads! What happens when he runs into Daninsky? How’s that for a showdown? Werewolf vs. Crazed Axe Murderer!?! While it never turns into an outright bout of slash-ticuffs, it’s still a great premise that will leave you swimming in the great acid-laden Seventies abyss!

This flick sports quite the pedigree of weirdness:

Curse of the Devil DVD review (click for larger image)

  • Werewolf — Check!

  • Axe Murderer — Check!
  • Elizabeth Bathory — Check!
  • Satanic coven — Check!
  • Satanic guy in black spandex who shows up just to hump coven members — Check!
  • Naschy’s weighty manbreasts exposed at the drop of a dime — Check!
  • Severed heads — Check!
  • Jousting — Check!
  • Buckets of gore — Check!
  • Heaving bossoms — Double Check!
  • Honestly, what more could you want? Though the plot is totally contrived and void of any cohesion, Curse of the Devil still manages to entertain without missing a beat and also happens to be one of the most violent Naschy films ever. True, some victims look as if someone poured spaghetti on them, but don’t ruin the illusion, damnit!

    It’s a wonder to me that this film didn’t get a more fitting DVD treatment. In terms of supplemental material all we get is a still gallery. That’s it. Not even a trailer. What the hell happened? I’m still scratching my head. Nonetheless, this is the best looking and most complete cut of the film ever available, and that in and of itself makes it worth the cash!

    Curse of the Devil is a flick that belongs in your DVD collection. If only for its sheer absurdity. Get your hands on it, call your friends, smoke ’em if you got ’em (no matter what they are), and indulge yourself of one of the strangest DVD trips you’re ever likely to take!

    Special Features

  • Still gallery


    4 out of 5

    Special Features:

    1 out of 5

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    • elric300

      CURSE OF THE DEVIL has a choppy playback, most likely a transfer issue done before BCI picked up the elements. Cliff at BCI has said that it most probably will be reissued, though he didn’t say when.

      Anybody else notice any issues when you played this?

      And btw, the Spanish track and subtitles make this much better. The dialogue is quite different.

    • frank_dracman

      “Heaving bossoms — Double Check!” Ah, the juvenile humor always makes me laugh. I’ve seen some of Naschy’s movies, but not this one…yet.
      I’ll be ordering a copy.

    Steve Barton

    You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.