Werewolf Shadow (DVD)

Werewolf Shadow DVD review (click for larger image)Reviewed by Uncle Creepy

Starring Paul Naschy, Barbara Capell, Gaby Fuchs, Andres Resino, Valerie Samarine

Directed by León Klimovsky

Distributed by BCI/Deimos Entertainment

Ever uncork a bottle of fine wine, put your nose to the bottle’s mouth, and inhale deeply? That scent can send shivers of anticipation down your spine as you await the chance to gorge yourself on its goodness. That’s the same feeling I get whenever one of Paul Naschy’s classic films hits DVD. I know instantly what I’m in for! A lot of tasty cheese to go along with my wine! Believe you me, Werewolf Shadow will satisfy your appetite for fun!

The story(!) finds returning werewolf Daninsky (Naschy) with an interesting problem on his hands. Two young and nubile friends who are researching the legend and seeking the tomb of a vicious vampire queen end up in need of rescuing as a result of their meddling with forces that they shouldn’t be. Guess who’s there to make the save? Naschy and his ever flexing manbreasts, that’s who! But what’s a werewolf to do? Does he eat his new hot friends, or does he let them raise the spirit of old vampy so that he can do battle with her one last time? Of course he falls in love, lesbianism ensues, and the fangs and fur start flying. Does it make any sense? No. I say, who cares? This is perfect B-movie fodder, man! It doesn’t get much better.

Werewolf Shadow DVD review (click for larger image)Werewolf Shadow is a sterling example of everything that we watch these movies for, especially this flick’s transformation scene. I’ve seen lots of Naschy’s werewolf flicks, and none of them has as funny a wolf turn as this one. Look at that picture to your left and try not to laugh. I swear to god I think I rewound this scene ten times just for the look on his face and the unibrow alone! Still, it was better than the CGI morph of An American Werewolf in Paris! And the good time doesn’t stop there, folks, because the laughs just keep on coming! The dialogue is as absurd as the subject matter. How can you not love a movie that features lines like “Don’t worry about my sister. She won’t hurt you; she’s just mentally disturbed.” Ya think? Couple those things with tons of boobs (Naschy’s included) and a decent amount of gore for its time, and we’ve got a winner.

What doesn’t exactly deliver, though, are the special features. This DVD doesn’t even feature an introduction from Naschy, which has become a staple of these releases. What we do get is your basic still gallery, the trailer, and the alternate American cut of the movie entitled The Werewolf Vs. The Vampire Women. I’m really not even sure you can call an alternate cut an extra, but hey, it’s here and runs about ten minutes shorter than the much better international version.

BCI/Deimos have scored once again delivering the best looking and most complete cut of this flick to be found anywhere. Whether you’re a long-time fan looking for a quick fix of Euro-horror or a budding one ready to get your feet wet, Werewolf Shadow is a fine jumping off point! Dig it, baby!

Special Features

  • Alternate American cut — The Werewolf Vs. The Vampire Women
  • Trailer
  • Still gallery


    4 out of 5

    Special Features:

    3 out of 5

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    • elric300

      Following up with what happened on CURSE OF THE DEVIL, this too is being fixed. The alternate cut called WEREWOLF VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMAN isn’t the cut seen in drive ins back in the 70’s, but something different. What someone did was to take an English version of WEREWOLF SHADOW and clumsily put in some new title cards. It’s a bad job, and BCI is trying to get the real thing, with the original, eerie alternate music track and do a reissue.

      And again, try seeing this with the Spanish track on. It makes a big difference in making the plot a bit more clear.

    Steve Barton

    You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.