Bikini Bloodbath (DVD)

Bikini Bloodbath DVD (click for larger image)Reviewed by Kryten Syxx

Starring Debbie Rochon, Russ Russo, Leah Ford, Sheri Bomb, Katie Gil, Anna Eskilsson, Natasha Nielson, Dana Ensalata and Olja Hrustic

Directed by Jon Gorman and Thomas Edward Seymour

Distributed by Brightly Entertainment

Being the resident pervert (aside from Mrs. Bostaph) of Dread Central has its ups and downs. On one hand I get many of the booby filled exploitation features of the 1970s, but I also have to sift through many of the newer flesh flicks that lack even the most primitive sparks of entertainment value. Luckily for this hog, Blood Bath Pictures wanted to make sure I went out of 2007 with a bang.

At first glance Bikini Bloodbath has all the makings of your typical low budget snorefest. The cover art wasn’t going to match the quality of the film and the acting would probably suck. Oh how fucking wrong I was! While the picture does suffer from budget constraints the entire affair is a riot. Talent, remember? When you’ve got it, a budget hardly matters.

Bikini Bloodbath DVD (click for larger image)Bikini Bloodbath has the right mix of boobs, blood and buffoonery that make it stand out from the crowd. Too bad the box art doesn’t give you much of an idea as to how hilarious the pic really is. Sure, there is a story about a maniac chef on the loose and there are girls in bikinis, but all that is secondary oddly enough. The true power of this picture is in its gags and comedic timing.

The gags, both visual and spoken, carry Bikini Bloodbath. We’ve got the very stupid high school girls whom would rather drink booze than run from a brutal slaying; football players get a little too friendly with one another; various props sporting huge labels so we all know what they are. Sigh, it is difficult to express what makes this all work out, but maybe a comparison will do the trick.

Bikini Bloodbath is much like Strangers With Candy. Yeah, that sounds about right. Think back to all the visual jokes and goofy dialog found in that classic Comedy Central series, but add beautiful naked women and a little more homosexuality. All it needed was a White Liger soundtrack to make it perfect.

Well toast my balls! There is a White Liger soundtrack and a music video!

Bikini Bloodbath DVD (click for larger image)Had Bikini Bloodbath not managed to actually keep me entertained, it could have easily been discarded. Yet, it is something worth watching, that seems so rare these days in the overstuffed home video market. Given a little bigger budget it is a sure bet these filmmakers could push out quality horror/comedies that would be far more pleasing and satisfying than what we’ve seen in the Scary Movie series.

This review is a little on the short side, but diving deep into what made the film funny could really spoil it for those who wish to see Bikini Bloodbath. If you’ve been eyeing up some recent Lionsgate release at the local video shop, stop. Get this feature from Evilshop! It isn’t often that we jaded folks get this excited about a DVD release, so trust me here.

Special Features

  • White Liger Music Video
  • Bloopers
  • Beatboxing!


    4 1/2 out of 5


    3 out of 5

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    • EricBoyd

      I got to see this film at Ghengis Con 2 in pittsburgh. They were giving Lloyd Kaufman a lifetime thing and we were hanging out. I got him to see the film and he loved it. When I told the guys from the movie they were really pleased and gave me a free shirt.

      Long story short I got a few pictures of Debbie Rochon and ‘Chef Death’ here. They were great guys.


    • Terminal

      Pointless vanity alert:

      The Film threat quote/rating on the box is from yours truly.