Experiment in Torture (DVD)

Experiment in Torture DVD (click for larger image)Starring Brendan Connor, Jessica MacArthur, Marjan Faritous and Kevin Brewerton

Directed by Sean MacArthur

Distributed by Lionsgate

Do you like wasting your time with mindless, cheap and ultimately unsatisfying movies? Do you like to be fooled by fancy DVD covers? Is watching a movie by an unknown director with unknown actors your idea of a fun time? Then my friends you are just the perfect candidates for Experiment in Torture, the latest thing to crawl out of the toilet over at Lionsgate.

A group of money hungry strippers agree to spend sometime out at a filmmaker’s house while he video tapes them going about their daily business. The only problem is there’s no filmmaker, cameras or money. However, there is plenty of torture! Wait, no, scratch that.

Experiment in Torture DVD (click for larger image)Experiment in Torture contains nothing that its title suggests. There are no experiments to be had and the torture isn’t really anything like we’ve seen in films such as Hostel and even the flop known as Captivity. What we do get instead are strippers that don’t strip, but one looks to have herpes on her bottom lip, and that is torturous to watch. Does that count?

These low budget films that Lionsgate curled up into stinky lumps on our front door never amount to anything more than pain. Not the good kind like watching a chick get hacked up. No, it’s pain as in we’d rather slice off our own cocks than sit through another five minutes of this drivel. Where were the experiments? Where was the torture?

Let’s take a look at what EiT tried to pass off as the goods while trying to cash in on the torture porn fad:

  • A drunk stripper falls and gets a compound fracture in her leg (not torture). Amazingly she is able to swim and walk just find after getting a cheap splint put on her leg.
  • Another stripper has her arm sliced open and our killer puts a fat maggot on the wound. This could be torture but we never get to see the results. She just disappears.
  • Two strippers have their clothes tainted with a powder that causes nasty rashes. The superficial flesh wounds are more annoying than torturous, but still manage to kill them.
  • In an attempt to rip off Hostel a chained up chick takes a blow torch to the face. Sadly we never see the final results thanks to the low budget.
  • Did we mention the unsightly herpes looking thing on one stripper’s face?

    Click here to see his real identity!So, where were the experiments and torture again? I am not really seeing anything there that counts as either. If things weren’t confusing enough, viewers are thrown for a loop when the good looking villain pulls off his perfect mask to reveal a huge scar on the left side of his face. Who does his make-up? It is an amazing feat to not only hide your protruding deformity under some latex, but the mask also makes you grow a new eye that works perfectly! Wow!!!

    Do we really need to go on? At the end of the day Experiment in Torture can be summed up in one word: shit. It doesn’t deserve any more than that. Hell, it hardly deserved a review that consisted of more than that word being repeated over and over. A movie is in pretty bad shape when you don’t even want to do it the honor of calling it a shit-pickle. Thanks EiT for giving us neither experiments or torture. We’ll stick to Eli Roth if we want a good flick in the torture porn sub-genre.

    Special Features

  • Herpes?
  • Cold sores!
  • Strippers that don’t strip!


    1 out of 5

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