Eve to Adam: Locked & Loaded (CD)

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Eve to Adam: Locked & Loaded (CD)Performed by Eve to Adam

Released by Megaforce Records (MRI)

Rock is dead.

That’s what seems to be the word on the street. Where have all the rock bands gone? We all remember when rock had a dominant place in society. From the supergroups of the ’70s to the hair bands of the ’80s to the grungers of the ’90s, rock music was the soundtrack to our lives…and then they disappeared.

Oh sure, most of the bands from the past still manage to haul themselves up onstage and give us a walk down memory lane. But where are the successors? Where are the bands who can take the torch for rock music and carry it back to glory? With their new album Locked & Loaded, rockers Eve to Adam make a nice case for being members of the new regime.

Fronted by lead singer Taki Sassaris, Eve to Adam is comprised of lead guitarist Gaurav Bali, rhythm guitarist Adam Latiff, bassist Luis Espaillat and drummer Alex Sassaris. The quintet has their musical chops well polished and deliver a non-stop assault with their new album.

As you travel through the 11 songs on Locked & Loaded, several things become very clear. You immediately recognize that this is a band that has done their homework and delivers technically and stylistically. They have the aggression of a nu-metal band, but with actual talent. The tracks on Locked & Loaded are consistently driving with great guitar hooks and punishing groove.

The title track starts out the album on a high note, and the band sustains it from there. The slick guitar work and raspy vocals in songs like “Immortal” and “Crime Scene” permeate the collection and really shine in the closing track, “Forgive,” which ends the album with the most crushingly heavy music of the lot.

The best known song on Locked & Loaded thus far has been the “Dexter” inspired jag “Straitjacket Supermodel.” And although this song is certainly worthy of the attention, those who check out the rest of Eve to Adam’s work here are going to find some even more impressive offerings. “Bender” plays at a fantastic pace and is reminiscent of classic Guns N’ Roses songs like “Outta Get Me” or “Nighttrain.” “With the Truth” and “Let’s Burn” are cut from the same cloth. No rock album is complete without the obligatory ballad, and Eve to Adam bring it with “Shut Out the World.” Although it does get a bit repetitive, it is a haunting, orchestral piece.

Overall, Locked & Loaded delivers an impressive collection of songs. It’s the kind of music that makes you take notice, and before you know it, you’ll be sucked into this band’s infectious sound and will be left wanting more. Is rock dead? No, it just needs a kick in the ass. And Eve to Adam delivers a seriously kick-ass album with Locked & Loaded.

Track Listing
01. Locked & Loaded
02. Immortal
03. Bender
04. Straitjacket Supermodel
05. Fortune Teller
06. What Would You Kill?
07. With the Truth
08. Let’s Burn
09. Crime Scene
10. Shut Out the World
11. Forgive

4 out of 5

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