Festival of Fright (DVD)

Festival of Fright DVD (click for larger image)Starring just about every classic genre star imaginable

Compiled by The Monster Club

Distributed by Synergy Entertainment

OK, so you’re having a Halloween party. Or if you’re like every true horror fan out there, every party you throw or attend is a Halloween party despite what time of year it is. You browse your list of essentials.

Nachos: Check!

Beer and alcohol: Check!

Tiny weenies wrapped in doughy goodness: Check!

Music sure to offend the neighbors: Check!

Combustibles: Check!

DVD to throw on the TV for shits and giggles: Hmmm… Which one?

It’s always good to have something on the tube at a party. It gets you out of those uncomfortable moments, ya know? We’ve all been there. Depending on your preference, you’re chillin’ out trying to make some time with a chick or a guy and WHAM! Spit or sometimes a bit of food flies out of your mouth like a torpedo and lands right on them. What to do? Back away slowly and turn your attention elsewhere. Like the TV. What better DVD to have on than a collection of old horror movie trailers set to repeat?

Festival of Fright DVD (click for larger image)Horror is a crazy ass genre. It’s the only genre in which the term “classic” has two meanings. For instance, there can be a classic horror film like Frankenstein which to this day packs some punch or there could be a horror film that is classic just because of how bad it is like From Hell It Came, starring the fiend of foliage, the evil tree creature.

The fine folks over at The Monster Club have assembled for us freaks a collection of trailers that is sure to make us howl with laughter while bringing back the memories. Festival of Fright showcases around thirty-nine trailers from horror’s golden goofy age that are sure to please! Dig a sampling of the line-up:

Black Sunday, The Tingler, The Mole People, 13 Ghosts, Macabre, From Hell It Came, The Cyclops, The Unearthly, Black Sabbath, The Revenge of Frankenstein, The Daughter of Dr. Jekyll, The Raven, Tarantula, The Cosmic Man, The Fiendish Ghouls, The Bride and the Beast, The Masque of Red Death, and tons more!

Take it from me; some of this shit is hilarious and even funnier than that depending on your *ahem* frame of mind. The best part? You can select any of the trailers for repeated viewing under the chapter selection option. But that’s not it. As a bonus feature there’s also a separate audio track that’s nothing but spooky sounds and music. How could you not dig it?

I’ve seen many trailer collections before, but this one really struck a chord with me. It’s a fine assortment of some of the weirdest shit out there. Highly recommended for anyone looking for some cheapo thrills and big time laughs.

Special Features
Horror music and sound effect audio track

3 out of 5

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