Anchor Bay Horror on the Go: Evil Dead, Halloween (UMD)

Just the mere mention of the company name Anchor Bay can bring a smile to a horror fan’s face. For the last few years they have been the go-to company when it comes to delivering the finest horror entertainment straight to your home. “What could be better” you ask? How about hitting the road with both Michael Myers and the Evil Dead in tow?!

That’s just what A.B. is now giving us the chance to do. With the advent of the PlayStation Portable, on-the-go entertainment is now reaching new heights. For those of you lucky enough to nab a PSP when it was bundled with Spider-Man 2 at its launch, you all are very well aware of the goodness that is the format of UMD.

With music being a portable medium for years, it just makes sense that video would make the jump sooner or later. Sure the screen is only a few inches wide, but the DVD quality video and sound make taking your favorite films with you wherever you go well worth your while and your hard earned cash! The first two offered from Anchor Bay for premium portability are Halloween and Evil Dead.

I am not even going to bother reviewing these films. You all know by now why they are classics, and every self respecting horror fan needs to own them. Let’s talk about what you get.

Each film is presented in its original aspect ratio with really crisp stereo sound. Even on the “smaller” screen it’s easy to see how well these films look in comparison to their DVD cousins. A great job converting to the new medium indeed. Make no mistake; these films pack a lot of punch. The only thing that bothers me though is that the film is all you get.

There are no extras to be found anywhere. Not even a trailer. Then again, by the time you finish watching the film(s), I don’t think you’d have enough battery life left to even watch an extra anyway.

Either way, if you need your horror with you everywhere that you go, you cannot do much better. Being that I travel a lot, I am just giddy at the thought of watching the tree rape scene from Evil Dead on my PSP much to the chagrin of my fellow passengers! Ahh yes! The finer things in life! After all, who needs that extra pillow when you can get your gore on the go!

Evil Dead / Halloween (1981) / (1978)
Directed by Sam Raimi / John Carpenter
Starring Bruce Campbell / Jamie Lee Curtis

Special Features
Remastered Prints
Remastered Audio

4 out of 5

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