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Walking Dead, The: Episode 2: Starved for Help (Video Game)



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The Walking Dead: Episode 2: Starved for HelpDeveloped and Distributed by Telltale Games

Available for Xbox 360 (Reviewed), PlayStation 3 & PC

Rated M for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language & Suggestive Themes

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 pulled the player into a dramatic story of intense human emotion mixed with the horror of a zombie apocalypse. Now in the second downloadable episode, Starved for Help, the story continues over three months later as survivors try to bunker down in an abandoned hotel.

We once again take control of the character Lee Everett and resume the caretaker role for young Clementine. The Walking Dead gave us our first look at how are choices could have dire consequences and how our relationships with others could impact our survival. In Starved For Help, the player will finally start to reap what they sow! Based on all of the decisions that you made in the last episode, you will now start the game off on a good foot or you may be closer to having one foot in the grave.

The tough choices are kicking in full-force as you are tasked with rationing off food to the remaining survivors. You can now start to think of ways to help everyone survive or look out for yourself. The survival factor really starts to kick-in now, and you have to think of what all you would do to survive. Would you sacrifice another to save your own life? This is where the story really starts to go darkside!

Just when you think you couldn’t have any more on your plate–a slew of survivors show up from the St. John’s Dairy Farm. The strangers bring a conflicting dilemma to the table as they offer to trade what they have for what little your group has. The choices start piling up and the decisions do not get any easier from this point on. The game takes a huge turn and starts to focus more on the real threats that would come with an apocalypse. How much can you trust other people in a battle to survive? Now you have to make the choice rather to embrace more strangers into your group and the dangers that can result from letting the wrong ones into your safe haven.

The Walking Dead: Starved for Help takes you on a whirlwind of emotion as you finally start to see that zombies are not your only problem. The episode will make you think outside the box and how the real horrors are all around us. The decisions that we have to make when our own life is at risk and what we will do ensure our survival. While you also see that the evils within other people can be more terrifying than any zombie trying to eat your flesh. At least with zombies you know what they want which isn’t always the case when dealing with people. By the end of the episode, you are already starting to wonder if you made the right choices!

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 is now available on Xbox Live Arcade and will be available on June 29th for PlayStation 3. For more information on the game, check out the official The Walking Dead website.

4 out of 5

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