Resident Evil Revelations (Video Game)

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Resident Evil RevelationsDeveloped and Distributed by Capcom

Rated M (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language)

Available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS

The first of the three Resident Evil games to be released this year is finally here. Resident Evil Revelations is the newest main entry into the series, and it not only redefines how Resident Evil should be played, but it also shows off the incredible potential of the Nintendo 3DS. I know Resident Evil games on handheld systems have an awful track record, but this one is definitely capable of carrying on a great tradition.

Resident Evil Revelations‘s story follows BSAA co-founders and Resident Evil veterans Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield as they search for each other while trying to prevent a bioterrorist attack. The last known location of Chris and his partner, Jessica Sherewat, was linked to some obscure coordinates in the Mediterranean. This is where Jill and her partner, Parker Luciani, find the Queen Zenobia luxury cruise ship–the primary setting for the game. While searching for the missing duo, Jill and Parker find a video recording of a masked terrorist who threatens to infect a vast majority of the world’s population with the t-Abyss virus. All the while, Chris and Jessica are caught up in the same twisted plot. The game takes place between the events depicted in Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 so of course this game can only end with plenty of b.o.w.s and bad guys getting their butts kicked and the good guys escaping danger in the last moments of the game.

One of the biggest changes this game made over the others in the series is deciding not to use either the pre-established zombies or Majini and opting for a new creature altogether. The Ooze may hold zombie-like qualities, but it is certainly its own type of monster. These fearsome creatures can materialize from anywhere as their biological structure allows them to transform from liquid into a solid, somewhat human form at will.

The new primary location of the game is also a welcome change, as the Queen Zenobia provides a much more frightening environment with all of its long, dark corridors that are perfect for monsters who want to ambush their prey. There are some new puzzles in the game, but they aren’t quite as fun as some of the older Resident Evil puzzles and sort of take away from the creepy atmosphere the game tries to present. Also, the game alternates between Jill’s and Chris’ teams and eventually leads to other areas of the world not found about the cruise ship, leading to more action oriented sequences rather than feelings of survival horror. The world is also made less terrifying with the addition of your teammate who can’t die, does very little damage to enemies, adds very little to the storyline, and is, overall, a complete waste of space. These complaints are irritating, but they are not something that should keep you from purchasing the game however.

Resident Evil Revelations really shines in the presentation department. The graphics in the game are, hands-down, the best ever seen on the Nintendo 3DS. The look and feel of the dark and eerie cruise liner serve their purpose in delivering a sense of fear and suspense, while the other areas in the game look just as nice. The game handles really well, although, a lot of people may not enjoy the fact that this game still features the stop and shoot mechanics as the primary means of combat. The sound effects in the game are really superb as well, whether you’re listening to the storm on the ship’s deck or the dreadful sounds of a nearby Ooze monster. There are also some really nice songs on the game’s soundtrack that are somewhat reminiscent of the classic Resident Evil tunes.

When you tire of campaign, you can try out the multiplayer Raid Mode. Raid Mode allows you and one other person to link up wirelessly or online to experience the game’s campaign levels together. However, you will not be playing through the same exact storyline, and stages will consist of getting from your starting area to a predetermined area across the map with a lot of tough enemies standing between you and your goal. You’ll earn points throughout the game, and you can spend them in the game’s shop to unlock weapons, upgrades and other items for use in Raid Mode. Raid Mode can become extremely addicting, and it is just one more reason why you should pick up this title.

To call Resident Evil Revelations the best Nintendo 3DS title out now may be true, but it doesn’t really do the game justice. There are so many things to like about Resident Evil Revelations from the amazing graphical design to the amazing score and sound quality. The only real drawback with the game is your annoying partners, but maybe someday soon Capcom will learn that Resident Evil is at its best when played alone. This is truly one of the best Resident Evil games ever made, and it is a handheld title that actually manages to hold its own even against its home console brethren.

The game released on February 7, 2012 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. You can check out the official Resident Evil Revelations website for more information.

Game Features

  • Online and Offline Co-op
  • Touch Screen Gameplay
  • Alternate Aiming Perspectives

    4 out of 5

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