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Brilliant Monster, A (2017)



Starring Dennis Friebe, Joy Kigin, Nick Leali

Directed by F.C. Rabbath

F.C. Rabbath’s mind-bending thriller A Brilliant Monster could very well be one of the strongest films to come out of the indie horror scene in 2017 so far, using a frightening premise to back its audience into a corner before waylaying them over the skulls, effectively putting forth a truly chilling product for fans of cold-blooded thrillers.

The film centers around a self-help book author named Mitch (Friebe) whose manuals are the stuff of personal savior-like legend to those who flock to his pages, and the big question on everyone’s lips is: “How does he manage to come up with such fantastic solutions?” For one thing, he certainly doesn’t have much of the home life to act as a support system for his words – residing with his miserable, bedridden father and in love with a woman whom he can’t stop cheating on.

His inspiration, however, does not come from an internal sense of self-correction… no – it comes from the top floor in his home. You see, there’s a monster behind these thoughts. No, not a creature that invades someone’s psyche and forces a mind to act like it has another voice – this is an actual monster that needs to survive on the flesh and blood of victims that Mitch supplies on a nightly basis – mainly bar-rats and other women that he picks up and promises to woo with romance, and in exchange this beast gives Mitch the ideas he needs for his material – fair enough trade, don’t ya think? After a spell, it becomes obvious that these simplistic female entities aren’t sufficing the monster’s needs, and Mitch has to resort to other modes of giving this hulking monstrosity what it demands.

What was a bit of a disappointment here was the lack of true “footage” we got to see of this magnificent abnormality, but Rabbath instead builds a great story around it and fills it with plenty of fantastic scenes and plot stuffing so as to not confuse or leave the audience scratching their skulls. Overall, A Brilliant Monster is exactly that: well written, well acted, and just a great production that Rabbath and his crew should be proud of. This one was meant to be checked out on those cold autumn evenings, if for nothing else to simply suffice the beast in your attic. Make sure to give this one a look.

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