Into The Black (Short, 2016)

Starring Justin Johnson, Chloe Farnworth, Brendon Garrett

Directed by James Burkhammer

Vampires and nightclubs – never a conducive mix for a healthy night, and thanks to James Burkhammer’s 80’s throwback short film, Into The Black, the warning is as bright as a beacon in the dark: steer clear of shady bars and overly beautiful, mysterious women…then how the HELL is somebody supposed to fall in love?

The short, which Burkhammer hopes to stretch out into a full-length feature with the assistance of a Kickstarter backing, tells the tale of a trio of pals (Johnson, Garrett & Kendall Chappell) that have just had an eventful night at the local dive bar. With two overly intoxicated fellas in tow (including one fresh off a beatdown from the bouncers), they all head to a diner to grab some post-booze grub. In walks the bodacious mystery gal named Angel (Farnworth) – seems appropriate. Her allure is as mesmerizing as her teeth are sharp…and when she hops in the sack with one of the guys, you can rest assured that some blood will be spilled. Overall, it works as a nice setup piece to what could be forthcoming if the project reels in enough greenbacks – it’s standard vampire fair with a muted, smoky, mid 1980’s nightclub feel to it. Think Vamp with all of the humor drained out of it, and if you can contend with that, you might dig this quickie – until then, do your drinking at home please, because you never know who (or what) could be waiting in the shadows to tail you home. Check the link out below to head to the film’s Kickstarter page for all the details.

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