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Head (2015)



HeadStarring Manda Vasas, Nick Foreman, Mike Finland

Directed by Jon Bristol

From the obviously skewered mind of Jon Bristol comes a tale about a group of five friends that plan on a nice relaxing camping trip in the woods of New England, unaware that the very site on which they’ll be pitching their tents (bad joke alert) was home to some vicious satanic cult murders years before…

Oh, by the way, I believe I failed to mention that our cast is filled with puppets – yes, I said puppets.

The film is titled Head, and I truly believe you’ll eventually find yourself scratching your own after laying your eyes upon this 60-minute dive into marionette mayhem. Formatted like a Saturday night cable access shock-theater show, our host is Graveyard Gil, a cheesy joke-spouting emcee that introduces us to two different tales- a small lead-in piece and the main feature.

First up is “The Walking Path” – about two slackers who decide to walk the long way one night to grab a little dinner and run into the puppet undead. Next up is the aforementioned Head, where we witness the actions of five frightened friends, um, puppets, and their attempt to stay alive in a forest that’s being stalked by a killer who loves to mount heads on trees. Like I mentioned earlier, there’s some truly skewered, yet oddly creative stuff here.

With an interesting blend of gore, sex, and heartfelt confiding in one another before the real violence begins, one could think of Meet the Feebles way back in the day in comparison to the outwardly demented style of storytelling that’s on display here. I mean, if you like headless plush dolls oozing with fake blood, and the occasional puppet boobs bouncing freely, then I’d certainly recommend this film for you, and I’m quite positive this one has an audience somewhere out there. As for this guy, I could only see this as a one-time watch; yet, I’ll applaud any production team willing to put time and effort into a film like this. Give it a look if you think “The Muppet Show” is too wimpy.

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