Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (DVD)

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives on DVDReviewed by Uncle Creepy

Starring Thom Mathews, Alan Blumenfeld, Jennifer C. Cooke, Darcy de Moss, Matthew Faison, Tom Fridley

Directed by Tom McLoughlin

Released by Paramount Home Entertainment

After the flop that was Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning, one thing became abundantly clear to the powers that be over at Paramount … fans didn’t want a Jason impostor! They wanted the real deal and weren’t gonna settle for anything less. Having heard the fanbase loud and clear, Paramount tapped filmmaker Tom McLoughlin to bring back Big J in what turned out to be the most rock ‘n roll entry into the franchise yet — Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives!

Memories quickly faded of ambulance drivers, the Goth chick doing an extended robot dance, and fat kids with candy bars. Mr. Voorhees was back, carving himself a path of destruction like only he could — and — so was Tommy Jarvis (now played by Thom Mathews). Jason Lives is the last in Friday‘s Jarvis trilogy, and it is without question one of the best in the franchise’s storied history.

Such a good film deserves a good deluxe DVD, and again, you will not be disappointed by what’s offered here. Sadly, once again a fan commentary by me and Ryan Rotten was recorded and nixed by Paramount because we had too much fun at the film’s expense, but what did make it on to the disc is pretty stellar — except of course for the ever-so-awful Lost Tales from Camp Blood nonsense, but we really don’t need to go there again, do we?

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives on DVDInstead let’s focus on the good beginning with a pretty bitching commentary track by writer/director Tom McLoughlin along with some of the cast and crew. Friday VI is damned fun no matter which way you watch it, and McLoughlin and company’s audio track only enhances the experience while enlightening the viewer. Really good stuff!

Next up we have the also pretty fun Jason Lives: The Making-of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives featurette and finally the conclusion of the absolutely lovable Crystal Lake Massacre Revisited series, which proves without a shadow of a doubt that when it comes to Jason Voorhees — “You don’t kill the joie de vivre“. That may not be funny to you yet, but after you watch this glorious little series, it’s sure to become a staple of your horror-loving vocabulary!

Now for the ultra-goodies! Also included on this DVD are the unrated and unedited kill scenes from the movie and an alternate ending sequence (told via storyboard animation) of the film’s original ending in which we get to meet — are you ready? — Jason’s Dad! How friggin’ cool is that? Honestly, does it get any cooler?

Bottom line? This last set of reissues is a fan’s dream. Sure there were a couple of disappointments along the way, but in the end nothing should take away from the mostly incredible stuff that has been included! Double dip back into Crystal Lake, my friends, without worry — the water is perfect!

Special Features:

  • Audio commentary by writer/director Tom McLoughlin with cast and crew
  • Slashed scenes
  • Jason Lives: The Making-of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives featurette
  • Meeting Mr. Voorhees featurette
  • Lost Tales from Camp Blood — Part VI featurette
  • Crystal Lake Massacre Revisited — Part III featurette
  • Original theatrical trailer


    4 out of 5

    Special Features

    4 1/2 out of 5

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    Steve Barton

    You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

    • jamiemark

      I liked Jason Lives, but I actually enjoyed Part V more.

    • Velasco

      If by rock-n-roll you mean cheesy, then I agree with you. Lemme clear things up, because no one seems to get this. Part V isn’t about chocolate boy or even Roy. It’s about Jason living vicariously through Tommy from beyond the grave. He does this with a chocolate bar. Is there a better way to seek vengeance on your killer? I think not. Part V is hands down the best entry, and anyone who’s skeptical about it because of what others presume to say should give it a good look. Part VI on the other hand ought to be called Jason Dies, because that’s literally what happens time and time again, compliments of the unified crybabies committee. Those narrowed-minded pussies who couldn’t get over the lack of JUH-JUH-JUH-Jason really ought to have hated on Part VI. It is the entry that collapsed the F13 once and for all. Do you think that shit-turds like Jason X and Jason Takes Manhattan just come out of nowhere? That’s what movie producers do after they’ve already fucked it all up. Any Voorhees fan knows full well the hapless violence that defaced the franchise and Jason from Part VI and then on. Can you imagine how cool it would have been if they just took it by faith and let Tommy continue the killings, as the ending of Part V suggests? The funny part is that when pleasing the fans no longer seemed plausible, the execs scampered back to the idea of continuance that infamized the greatest chapter in F13 history, Part V. Watch “Jason Goes to Hell” if you don’t believe me. It’s pathetic. By the way, Violet from Part V is so hot. Uncle Creepy wouldn’t deny that, so don’t trust his judgement on this one. Should you ever trust a guy who goes by Uncle Creepy?

      • Masked Slasher

        Part V is great, but VI is a better movie.

        Self-aware without being smug (something I’d argue the Scream flicks are guilty of) and with some fantastic setpieces. The lead-up and demise of Court and Nikki in the RV is far more tense and effective than anything in A New Beginning.

        It also wears its genre badge on its sleeve. McLoughlin was clearly inspired by the atmospheric Hammer flicks of his youth, and he reminds the audience of it at every turn. From creaking coffins, gothic graveyards and, for once, an actual nemesis for Jason. In Jason Lives, Tommy transforms into a full-on Van Helsing-style foil for the man behind the mask. Thom was a great leading man and his inclusion in the slasher antics helped give the film a different feel.

        I’d argue that of the entire franchise, Jason Lives is easily the best “film” of them all … even if parts 2 and 4 might work as stronger slasher flicks.

        I really can’t complain about anything in JL. Great film.

        • aliensharkboy

          You described it better than I ever could.
          I’m not the biggest Friday the 13th fan, I personally found most of those movies to be “watch once” kinda fun. The only ones that I really like enough to re-watch are The New Blood & Jason Lives… oh and Freddy VS Jason, if that counts

    • zombiefreak

      I’m surely not alone in REALLY wanting to hear you and Rotten’s commentary. If they will not let you have it, can you guys re-record and release it as a podcast or something? This was the feature I was most looking forward to hearing.

      • Uncle Creepy

        Those of you who really want the deleted commentaries, email Paramount and let them know. Maybe they will end up on the eventual blu-rays.

        • Cash Bailey

          Do you have an email address for Paramount Home Entertainment?

          • The Woman In Black

            I found this:

            Paramount Home Entertainment Inc.
            5555 Melrose Ave.
            Hollywood, CA 90038
            CA Tel. 323-956-5000



            • Cash Bailey


              I just sent them a polite, complimentary but firm request to either have the commentaries re-instated, or allow them to be released as downloadable files.

    • The Unknown Murderer

      Considering the deleted scenes, I’ll purchase this again. But only if it’s released later on BluRay. I already bought the 3D version of Part 3 and now wish that I’d waited…

    • fceurich39

      hopefully paramount won’t disapoint when parts 7 and 8 deluxe edition dvds are released this fall by that i am meaning part 7 will get the my bloody valentine treatment with hopefully seamless branching with uncut kills or atleast as a special feature without audio commentary like in the box set

      also i hear the part 3 blu-ray 3d is alot better than the dvd

    • Kane86

      Ahh my favorite one

      • Uncle Creepy

        And it’s such a good package too!

        • Feenix

          Now just get us downloads of the nixed commentaries and it’ll be complete.