Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (DVD)

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter DVDReviewed by Uncle Creepy

Starring Crispin Glover, Corey Feldman, Judie Aronson, Kirsten Baker, Anthony Barrile, Peter Barton

Directed by Joseph Zito

Released by Paramount Home Entertainment

The Final Chapter. Friday Four. Friday the 13th: Part IV: The Final Chapter. It doesn’t matter what you want to call this entry into the Friday franchise; it’s still a damned good movie. Director Joseph Zito pulled out all of the stops for Jason’s final outting, and it shows.

To go over the storyline is pretty pointless. Especially since this was far from the last time anyone saw Jason Voorhees. Let’s just say that once again, everyone’s favorite murderous mama’s boy is back and looking for blood. Little did he know he would meet his match in a young Corey Feldman(!). Yep, Felddog put down our killer for at least a couple of years.

But let’s get to the meat of the subject. The reason you’re here. Should you double-dip and pick this baby up? Yes. Go to your DVD collection, pull out the previous release of this film, and throw it out the window. This deluxe edition of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter is in many ways the holy grail of the entire series.

Before we get to the really special treats included here, let’s focus on the normal goodies you expect from a special DVD release. Things kick off with not one, but two commentary tracks. The first with director Joseph Zito, screenwriter Barney Cohen, and editor Joel Goodman is exactly what it should be: enlightening, fun, and engaging. The second one, however, is the money shot! Filmmakers and uber-fans Adam Green and Joe Lynch offer their super-geeky and lovable two cents on a fan commentary that is nothing short of a must listen. It’s like getting together with your friends and just having a blast. Stellar stuff that’s highly recommended.

Next up we have the Jason’s Unlucky Day: 25 Years After Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter featurette which is, well … exactly what you think it is. A fond look back at the film and all the shenanigans that went along with it. It’s a truly fun watch and the beginning of where this DVD really shines. Who here is not a fan of Crispin Glover’s Dead-Fuck Dance Moves as Jimmy? Assembled here are the longest takes of this side-splitting segment that I found myself watching several times. Classic.

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter DVDFrom there we move on to the mockumentary The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited — Part I. Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if Jason’s saga was true? How would people react? How would the town of Crystal Lake cope with the mania? What about obsessive Voorhees fans and detractors. What would they be like? All those questions and more are answered here in part one of this hilariously tongue-in-cheek series of featurettes. You’ll notice lots of familiar faces along the way as the series progresses, and each entry in an absolute gift for the fans. It’s brilliant stuff. I shit you not.

Speaking of gifts for the fans …

Hold on to your asses, kids! Also included here are the never-before-seen uncut kills and the lost alternate ending, which has been newly assembled from recently uncovered assets. See? Holy grail type stuff! Told ya! Not gonna say too much about these tasty tidbits because honestly they’re worth not spoiling. You won’t be even slightly disappointed. All I can say is … wow!

Dan Farrands and his team (including I’m proud to say our own Andrew Kasch, Buz Wallick, and David Rosiak) have painstakingly taken every measure to deliver the best possible package for us fans. There’s a little love in every frame. Bravo.

Not surprisingly, the only thing that sucks on the DVD is the one thing Farrands and company didn’t have a hand in: the Lost Tales from Camp Blood — Part IV featurette. Honestly, what the hell are these things, and who in their right mind threw money at them to be made? If you’re looking for strange little side stories that fit nowhere in the mythos of the Friday films, this is your hot ticket. Do yourself a favor … don’t bother with this crap. It’s really not even worth a look. Just go right for the good stuff.

My hat is off to everyone involved. This is the definition of a deluxe edition. A reason to double-dip without a care in the world. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter has come home in grand form. You need this DVD. You need it now.

Special Features:

  • Audio commentary by director Joseph Zito, screenwriter Barney Cohen, and editor Joel Goodman
  • Fan commentary by Adam Green and Joe Lynch
  • Slashed scenes
  • The Lost Ending
  • Jason’s Unlucky Day: 25 Years After Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter featurette
  • Lost Tales from Camp Blood — Part IV featurette
  • The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited — Part I featurette
  • Jimmy’s Dead-Fuck Dance Moves
  • Original theatrical trailer


    4 out of 5

    Special Features

    5 out of 5

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  • Steve Barton

    You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

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    • Spaceshark

      I will forever love and despise this movie for introducing me to the wonders of shirtless Peter Barton.

    • nonserviam03

      Good to know there’s some kick ass special features. This is at least one time I’ll double dip, since this is my favorite entry in the series. It’s got all the right elements.

      Jason + hockey mask – zombie + Tom Savini – 3D gags + Corey Feldman = Fucking SWEET.

      Definitely looking forward to the Green/Lynch commentary.

    • Emy

      This is probably a question for Buz, can you tell me which one it is that my lovely husband helped out on? I would like to start by buying that one as budget is a bit tight.

      • The Buz

        He worked on Part 4 and 5.

        • Emy

          Thank you very much!

    • The Unknown Murderer

      Here’s to waiting for the BluRay!

    • Cash Bailey

      Surely Green and Lynch’s commentary is worth a purchase.

      Shame we couldn’t get the Dread Central commentary. But hopefully those sick degenerates will post their tracks online for download at some point.

    • fceurich39

      hopefully paramount won’t disapoint when parts 7 and 8 deluxe edition dvds are released this fall by that i am meaning part 7 will get the my bloody valentine treatment with hopefully seamless branching with uncut kills or atleast as a special feature without audio commentary like in the box set

      also i hear the part 3 blu-ray 3d is alot better than the dvd

    • The Woman In Black

      I have to second Creepy’s love for The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited — and not just because we know so many of the parties involved. We watched with a totally objective eye, and it was a hoot from start to finish. The star of the show? None other than Heidi Martinuzzi of Pretty-Scary. Everyone else was great, too, but Heidi really sold it. Combine her performance with Staci’s “dance”, and that’s reason enough to buy all three DVD’s aside from all the rest of the goodies.