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Favor, A (Short)



A Favor

a favor 228x300 - Favor, A (Short)Starring Diana Porter, Shaun Callaghan, Jose Guns Alves, Steven Lawlor Jones

Directed by Izzy Lee

Izzy Lee is a filmmaker to keep an eye on. Time and time again, the upcoming director blows us away with her short films and her newest is no different. A Favor, starring Diana Porter and Shaun Callaghan, asks “how far would you go to help a friend?

Jackson is settling in to watch the game on his day off when his friend Liz calls and asks for a favor. Jackson goes to her house to do a little housekeeping. What happens next are eight minutes of twists and turns that’ll leave you asking questions and wanting more.

A Favor is visually stunning. Lee knows her way around a camera, and Bryan McKay is a brilliant cinematographer. Along with writer Christopher Hallock, the three make a killer team. (They also worked together on Lee’s film Postpartum).

The film boasts great practical effects, high production value, and the sound design impressed, as well. Its score (by Shayne Gryn) sounded like Lifetime movie meets 80’s thriller soundtrack and genre fans should really dig it. Both the color palette and the score read early Carpenter. There are also some great humorous moments within A Favor’s dark theme, and I found myself laughing more than once (in a good way).

A Favor is a fun watch full of humor and shock, and I can’t wait to see what Lee comes up with next.

View more of her work at nihilnoctem.com.

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