A Double Feature of Creature Feature Trailers

It was back in early February that I first reported on Reptisaurus, a low budget creature feature loosely based on an old Charlton Comics' comic book title from the early 1960's. The movie from director Chris Ray (son of Fred Olen Ray) and co-starring former TV "Buck Rogers" Gil Gerard tells the simple tale of a group of soldiers on an island that find themselves at the mercy of a flying reptilian monster.

Reptisaurus Prepares to Rampage

You know giant monster movies are getting to be back in vogue when an obscure 40-year old monster comic is getting dusted off as the basis for a brand new creature feature. Don't feel bad if you've never before heard of Reptisaurus because the monster was the subject of a short-lived Silver Age comic published by the long defunct Charlton Comics back in the hay day of giant Japanese monster movies. The comic only ran for seven issues from 1962-1963. I'd say that's pretty darn obscure.