Red Shirt Pictures

Meet the Faces of Death this October!

For older horror fans who remember sneaking behind the "special curtain" at the local video joint to see Death staring back at us, it is a special memory. Oh, the number of times I got beaten for sneaking Faces of Death home.

First Details on Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 SE DVD!

Recently Uncle Creepy got to sit down for an extended chat with Michael Felsher, the man behind Red Shirt Pictures. If neither name is familiar to you, pop in your 20th Anniversary DVD of Hellraiser or your Monster Squad disc; pretty much all the kickass features on those DVDs were done by Mike and Red Shirt.

Exclusive: Massive Faces of Death Special Edition Coming Home!

Over the weekend I got a call from our man Andrew Kasch, video editor extraordinaire, who gave us a heads up on a new project he’s working on for Michael Felsher's Red Shirt Pictures, those badasses who’ve done supplemental material for DVDs like The Monster Squad and Hellraiser.

Felsher, Mike (Red Shirt Pictures)

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Hellraiser. Monster Squad. Diary of the Dead. The Two-Disc Creepshow Import. Ever wonder who makes the special edition DVD's of our favorite movies so damned special? Well that would be Mike Felsher and his company