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The Shroud Continues to Unfold - Read the Script NOW!

We didn't expect to have an update on The Shroud so soon, but Hollywood's wheels keep on spinning so we just have to try and keep up while keeping you up-to-date.

Exclusive First Word and Early Teaser Art - The Shroud

Here at Dread Central we get sent dozens of scripts a week. We're always happy (and a little shocked) when a young writer asks for our opinion on his or her work, but we like being here to lend a hand. A few days ago a script came our way that's quickly gaining momentum for its premise alone.

Intruder is Coming ... For YOU!

One film that's been circling our radar for a while now is Gregory Caiafa's indie effort Intruder. To rank up there with the slasher elite, you really have to be a cut above the rest, and this one seems to be stacking up quite nicely.