Artwork and Specs for Both Hitchcock and Alfred Hitchcock: The Classic Collection on Blu-ray

Haven't had a chance to check out Hitchcock yet? Well, its home video release is coming on March 12th, and we have all the info you need right here, including word on Alfred Hitchcock: The Classic Collection, which arrives the same day.

Right This Way to Check Out Judson Scott's Cool Short Rebecca

The indie horror short may be one of the most underrated art forms in existence today. This kind of thing just doesn't happen in other mediums. A 10-minute 'buddy comedy' or a song that's only one verse and one chorus wouldn’t work. But good indie horror shorts work. Say hello to Rebecca.

Hitchcock's Rebecca Being Remade

Didn't anyone learn anything from the remake of Psycho? There are some things that are just better off left alone. Such as ... well ... anything that was formerly directed by the great Alfred Hitchcock.