The Thing You Didn't See

To call the premake of The Thing a mixed bag is a bit of an understatement. Even after all these weeks have passed, we still can't shake the feeling that there was behind-the-scenes turmoil we may never be privy to. The film for the most part was a decent combination of CGI and practical effects--that is, until the third act, when some sort of switch was flipped and we got an entirely different movie.

Ridley Scott Reveals a Few New Prometheus Details

Finally the man himself, director Ridley Scott, is speaking about his upcoming film Prometheus, and while he doesn't reveal a whole lot, there are a few little odds and ends that fans should appreciate, especially considering how starved we've been for any info on the flick at all!

Motion Picture Purgatory: The Thing (2011)

It's only been a few weeks since the release of director Matthijs van Heijningen, Jr.'s version of The Thing, and to tell you the truth, I'd all but forgotten about it until this week's Motion Picture Purgatory arrived from Trembles. Check it out, and see if you agree with his take on the flick.

Michael Fassbender Elaborates on Prometheus Role

You know what kills us? The good folks behind Prometheus have taken large steps to keep just about everything under wraps about the project, and then MTV comes along and dishes a huge spoiler in a headline. Really? Don't wanna know what it is? Don't read on for more.

The Original Thing Cast Watches the Premake

Ever wonder what would happen if worlds collided? Or, for that matter, if the space time continuum gets disrupted and the original cast of a film would settle down for a remake years later? Well, you're about to find out as the guys at JoBlo have conjured up a short that is nothing less than absolute magic!

The Thing CENTRAL - Read the Review, Watch Clips, Dig on Interviews, and More!

The prequel to John Carpenter's classic of the same name, The Thing, is finally opening in a theater near you, and as usual we want to help you decide if you should part with your hard earned dough by putting together this neat package of coverage.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Yourself Some Cool Swag from The Thing

With The Thing (review here) morphing its way into theatres tomorrow, we figured right about now would be a great time to give away some goodies to ya! Dig it!

Roundtable Interview: Mary Elizabeth Winstead Talks The Thing Prequel, Unleashing Her Inner Ripley and More!

In the upcoming Universal prequel The Thing (review here), Mary Elizabeth Winstead portrays paleontologist Kate Lloyd, who's recruited for a research expedition in the Arctic after a team of Norwegian scientists uncover an alien life form and its spaceship frozen deep within the icy terrain.

Roundtable Interview: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Talks The Thing Prequel, European Horror and More

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje may have made his name with his television roles as Mr. Eko from "Lost" or the downright chilling Simon Adebisi from HBO's "Oz" but it's beginning to look more and more likely that his stellar work on television has made for a smooth transition to the big screen with the multi-faceted actor's performances in flicks like Faster, G.I. Joe, Killer Elite and the upcoming Universal Studio's project The Thing (review here).

The Thing Review - Good, Bad, or Reasonable Facsimile? Find out NOW!

The waiting is over. Our verdict on the premake of The Thing is finally here, and we've got the skinny on what to expect, what to roll your eyes at, and if you should head to theatres this weekend or not!

Thing, The (2011)

Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton, Eric Christian Olsen, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Ulrich Thomsen Directed by Matthijs van Heijningen, Jr.

Roundtable Interview: Eric Christian Olsen Talks The Thing, Comedy vs. Horror and More

In the upcoming prequel The Thing the always hilarious Eric Christian Olsen (Not Another Teen Movie, The Hot Chick, Beerfest) shows off a more serious side with his portrayal of Adam Goldman, the research assistant who helps recruit paleontologist Kate Lloyd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) for an expedition to the Arctic after a Norwegian research team uncovers an alien entity discovered frozen deep below the icy surface.

The Thing Video Interviews with Director Matthijs van Heijningen and More!

After featuring video interviews from the cast of The Thing over the past couple of days, it's now time to hear from the director and producers who have the daunting task of living up to John Carpenter's masterpiece.

The Thing Video Interviews With Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Eric Christian Olsen

By coincidence The Thing just happens to star several talents with triple names including the two cast members for our video interview series today, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ) and Eric Christian Olsen (TV's "NCIS: Los Angeles"). They always come in threes, ya know! *cues spooky music*

The Thing Video Interviews with Joel Edgerton and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

With The Thing replicating in theaters later this week, it's time to showcase some video interviews from the cast and creators of the movie. Today we bring you stars Joel Edgerton (Warrior) and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko from TV's "Lost").