Dinner for Fiends: Lowlight

New Dinner for Fiends is served!So it seems “>Twilight was worse than even we expected, and we’re pretty damn jaded, so of course we had to get together and chat about it a bit. Of course by “chat” I mean spew hate and venom for 45+ minutes.

Myself, Creepy, Foy, Kasch and the luscious Morgan gathered to discuss just what went wrong with Twilight, and Morgan knows better than all of us cause she’s read the books! This is a great episode for anyone sick of our constant dick jokes as it features its fair share of vagina jokes to counteract them.

We also go over things that are good like “>Repo! The Genetic Opera and “>Let the Right One In so don’t be scared of an overabundance of Twilight hate…

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    • NeoKefka

      My God. I think you guys may have topped AvPissed as the funniest DFF episode.

    • Foywonder

      Morgan hated it. Kasch didn’t like it. Creepy and Butane didn’t see it. I didn’t hate it. I actually say it was so-so.

    • The Unknown Murderer

      I won’t even bother to listen to people bitch about a movie that wasn’t even made for them.

      It was made for teenage girls, not horror fans. And we don’t own vampires.

      Don’t waste your energy, people! Continue to report on news bits that your faithful readers actually care about.

      • Sirand

        Funny, cause Morgan does all the bitching and she’s a Twilight fanatic.

        • The Unknown Murderer

          Don’t get me wrong – my wife loves the books but thought the movie was so-so, my best friend’s 14 year old daughter loathed the film (poor kid bought two tix in advance because she thought she would love it) and I thought it was merely okay, definitely not good enough.

          My point is, Twilight being within ‘our’ genre is debatable simply because there is no horror in the film and it isn’t a horror film at all. A few films down the line when the main character is preggers and vomiting blood, well, that will be horrific and I will enjoy that while the kids cringe. But Twilight is a Teen Romance with vampires, not a vampire film with elements of romance.

          Anyone can level complaints against the film, justifiably so if you’re simply unhappy with the quality of it. I personally think Catherine Hardwick should not have been the director and it needed rewrites. It would work better as a CW series and not a movie series, IMO.

          We live in a free country. I haven’t listened to the Round Table, I confess that I jumped the gun in my comment. I think what really got to me is seeing the CHUD forums (which this is obviously not, this is Dread Central and I shouldn’t vent my frustrations with comments from another site here). Reading the reviews posted there that seemingly served no purpose other than to say “We reviewed this movie because it should hold interest for us, but it’s nothing better than a teeny-bopper P.O.S., so it’s stupid…” Well, that type of geek-snobbery drives me up the wall. All it does is make genre-lovers look like fools to those new to horror.

          That said, my apologies to all of you. No offense was intended by my comment and I don’t want to sell anyone short, least of all you, UC. I ask your forgiveness, Dread Central Masters.

          • Uncle Creepy

            I hear ya, man. No worries, but the bottom line? It’s a vampire flick and that falls within our jurisdiction so to speak. It’s one of those damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of things, ya know?

      • Uncle Creepy

        Really Murderer, you’re selling us short. With hype this big we couldn’t ignore the film — especially since it is (like it or not) within our genre. BUT … we wouldn’t do a show without a fan to play Devil’s Advocate.