Dinner for Fiends: Fields of Clover

Brand-new Dinner for Fiends is here!Hype, hype, and more hype. Seems like that’s all Hollywood knows how to do these days in order to try and guarantee a big box office return for the coveted opening weekend. But what happens when a film actually lives up to the hype and winds up #1 at the box office?

Well, when the film is Cloverfield, we have to discuss it in Dinner for Fiends of course!

Join myself, Creepy, Buz, Kasch, Kryten and Foy as we discuss what worked, what didn’t and why it’s good that no one actually saw the monster before the film hit theaters. And of course there’s a lot more going on as well, so be sure to set some time aside and get clicking below!

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    Johnny Butane

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    Johnny Butane

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    • Terminal

      I had a ball in the theaters. I’m seeing it again Friday. Rock on, DC.

    • The Buz

      You’d be surprised what a camera can go through. After the crash, yes, it should have had a broken lens. However, battery life that last 3 hours? That’s perfectly normal. I have 8 hour batteries. A light will maybe eat up one of the hours quicker than normal, but not 8 hours in the time they used it in the tunnel.

    • Kryten Syxx

      Not a classic and in no way is it the best monster flick in years. I’d take the Mist and its ending over Cloverfield any day of the week.

    • PelusaMG

      Just got back from seeing Cloverfield… It’s okay – a smart movie, good interesting take on the subject, glad I saw it yah de yah, but the monster’s shit in the daylight, the parasites are crappy CGI, and there are far too many WTF (is this an episode of Alias) moments for me. Also, they have the most amazing camcorder ever… I mean, it has a battery that lasts for hours and hours even when running a light, it has night vision, survives a crash, and also has the best microphone in the world (picking up perfect sound each and every time – whatever!).

      As I said, it’s okay but I don’t need to see it again, and it ain’t no freakin classic.

      3 out of 5

    • The Buz

      That’s what I’m saying man! Troll 2 rocks!

    • Kyle Reese

      Seeing this tomorrow, can’t wait.

      How could Foy have not seen Troll 2? That really is the best worst movie ever! They just aired it on Monsters HD a few days ago, I refuse to delete it from the DVR.