Dinner for Fiends: AvPissed

Check out the latest Dinner for Fiends!All right, so we took way too long to get together and talk about Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem (review) but, believe it or not, most of the venom is still very fresh!
If you hated the sequel as much as most of our staff does, this is one you’re going to love. Myself, along with Creepy, Kasch, Kryten and Buz tear AVP:R a new one (well, I don’t, having still not seen it…) as well as discuss the best & worst of 2007 and how scary possums really are.

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    • king

      Seriously, if you can’t find 5 other movies worse than Hatchet this year than I am just at a loss.


    • Uncle Creepy

      Mellisa and David,

      You weren’t being attacked or made fun of by any stretch of the imagination. And no we weren’t intending on having a best of worst of conversation, it just happened. No offense was intended.

      That being said … Next week we’ll have the full list discussion and banter about One Missed Call. Eveery one who wants to participate will get a chance to do their thing.

      And Foy, you were invited to the AVP call but I think we got our timezones screwed up again.

    • Johnny Butane

      Sure, go ahead. I won’t be there, but rock your socks off.

    • Foywonder

      I think at this point we should go ahead and schedule another DFF that either covers the whole best/worst topic with more varying voices of opinion or, at the very least, one just devoted to the whole Hatchet debate. Sounds like a lot of people have a lot to say on the subject on different sides of the fence. That way everyone gets a say and no one comes away with hard feelings.

    • Sirand

      Exactly. And the best/worst discussion just kinda happened. Don’t think it was planned.

    • Kryten Syxx

      OK. OK. I agree that the best and worst discussion should have been saved for maybe a two-part DFF. However, the comments made in this episode we’re not meant to insult those on staff who have differing opinions.

    • Morgan Elektra

      Yeah, what Foy said. Boooooooooo, Buttercup, Boooooooooooooo!!!!!

      Also, I have to admit that Hatchet narrowly escaped my ‘worst’ list this year… and it had nothing to do with the hype. Personally, hurray for the movie it managed to get that much hype. That’s good business. But the movie just wasn’t that good. And I’m sure there were worse movies out there, there always are… but it was one of the worst *I SAW* this year, because I generally try and avoid the bad movies. So, it wasn’t in my Top 5. But if our lists were Top 10…. it would be on there.

    • DW Bostaph Jr

      but it wasn’t JUST THE HYPE.

      That was the slap in the face at the end of the rape.

    • Sirand

      Whoooooa, hold on there. We weren’t attacking anyone or making fun of people, only the backlash which, as we said, felt like hyperbole rather than constructive criticism. I fully understand why people don’t like the movie. What I don’t understand is all the comments on the net, like our very own Hatchet thread, where people are declaring it among the very WORST of the year. IMO, it IS a smear campaign rather than a dislike based on the hype (which, mind you, was generated on its own…not by Adam). I should know…I fell into the hype on my first viewing and wanted nothing more than to yell “Overrated!” from the rooftops until I saw it a second time and took it as a fun brainless ride.

      In future podcasts, I’m sure the staff members who disagree will have their say and have plenty of time to rip into our view of things. Nobody is getting downed and everyone has their say. This is why we constantly circulate the people on DFF (not to mention, have these talkbacks).

    • Foywonder

      I also have to cry foul if only because you gave none of us any indication you were going to turn the AVP-R DFF into a discussion of the best/worst lists and left so many of us out of the discussion entirely. Boooooooooooooo!

    • Terminal

      And while I’m not on the staff, I do have to side with Melissa.

      All things considered, I think Melissa deserves a chance at rebuttal.

      I’m disappointed, guys, come on. DC kicks so much fucking ass, I’m a die hard fan, I’d love to work here, but… is this what differing opinions gets you?

      Either way, best of luck. I’ll keep reading you guys.

    • Melissa Bostaph

      Personally, I’m just surprised to find out that because our opinion on Hatchet differed so greatly from Uncle Creepy’s, Butane’s, and Kasch’s that we were fair game to be made fun of without even the simple courtesy of being able to defend ourselves against their juvenile attacks.

      Were there worse movies in 2007 than Hatchet..Fuck Yeah! I have a stack of the shit sitting in front of me…but Hatchet is on my worst list for good reason…and seeing how my defense wasn’t worthy before I don’t feel I need to defend my opinion now.

      I said my piece and I stand by it! The nice thing is…I’m not alone!

      It’s interesting to me also that D.W. has been getting the fact that he didn’t totally comndemn the first AVP thrown in his face since it came out, but now that a new AVP is being discussed and he shares in everyone else’s disappointment…he is now not worth mentioning… or better yet…INCLUDING in a discussion about the films.

    • Terminal

      That’s the shit about shows like this, you’re GOING to get feedback to the debate.

      One reason why I’m just not a fan of Dinner for Fiends. I applaud your insistence on “Hatchet,” but the debates just came off as more fan boys complaining about fan boys who complain. A Smear campaign? Pfft, come on.

      But then, it’s your show.

    • DW Bostaph Jr

      AND because I did not subject myself to The Hitcher, Captivity or the lot means that the films I saw had to hold up to a higher quality. Other than the shit that you keep sending my wife, which I often refuse to watch as it would just run rampant over such a list and is not worth mentioning.

    • DW Bostaph Jr

      but, it wasn’t just the marketing… it was the fact that so much was made of a REALLY bad movie. I did not see Captivity or a lot of the other garbag you guys wrote about.. why? Cuz I LISTEN to you guys.

      And in relation to all of the films I saw between the indie stiff with the EHFF and the wide release stuff, Hatchet was a fucking joke. N reason to watch that film AT ALL. JCB’s effects aside, the movie is just a wreck. Are people THAT desperate for non-studio horror films? NO one I watched it with would have put it on the BEST of the year list, and the fact that SO MANY people have is testament that they have fallen to the Hatchet Hype.

    • Uncle Creepy

      So being pissed about a film’s marketing campaign makes it one of the worst of the year?

      Seriously, if you can’t find 5 other movies worse than Hatchet this year than I am just at a loss.

    • DW Bostaph Jr

      Call bullshit all you want… but THERE is a REASON so many people are upset about Hatchet being upped as such a FUN TIME and a GOOD OLD AMERICAN HORROR MOVIE.

      So good old school american horror is bad acting, bad writing with decent gore?

      For shame.

    • Kryten Syxx

      Be sure to listen all the way through. You don’t want to miss our discussion on herpes.

    • Terminal

      When did you guys take out the R in Dinner?