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Dinner for Fiends

Dinner for Fiends: You’re an Idiot!



Open up wide and prepare to choke on a great big serving of Dinner for Fiends. The past few weeks haven’t been very kind to the horror releases at the multiplex, and we’re not much kinder to them either. You’d be an idiot to miss out on this smorgasbord of a show.

Uncle Creepy, Buz, Matt Fini, and yours truly spend a considerable amount of time debating the merits of the Fright Night remake, featuring the horrifying truth about Creepy’s cinematic hair fetish and how it affects his reaction to the movies he watches, interrupted briefly by a deranged screaming tirade regarding the Conan the Barbarian remake.

Fini vs. Buz over Fright Night.

Foy vs. Creepy over Conan.

Four men enter. Four men leave.

Then the Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark remake gets served up on a silver platter, followed by a heaping helping of Shark Night cheesiness, then a quick spoiler-filled recapping of the non-events that comprised Apollo 18, and finally for desert we sink our teeth into the cowpie that was Creature.

Plus all the sidetracking zany discussions you’ve come to expect when we start rambling inanely.

As always, beware of major spoilers when discussing all of these offerings, even more so than usual since judging by the box office profits of these films, none of you saw any of them.

Listen to the new installment of Dinner for Fiends right now just as soon as you mutter those three magic words: YOU’RE AN IDIOT!

This already feature lengthy DFF even comes with an extra special 7-minute bonus you can listen to and download as an addendum as the show was finished recording and myself, Buz, and Fini were still on talking about a gloriously ludicrous obscure monster movie from 1973 called The Werewolf of Woodstock. We had just begun talking about when Buz decided this was worth rolling on and now you can listen to this extra as well.

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    Dinner for Fiends

    Dinner for Fiends: Mother, May I Sleep with Fiends?



    Dinner For Fiends

    Another installment of Dinner for Fiends so soon? But how can this be? It hasn’t been 6 months to 2 years yet! This isn’t right at all.

    The gang’s back together so soon for another spirited episode of mindless internet horror-themed gobbledygook. Minus Buz, that is. He was off being Mr. Hollywood or something that day, so expect 90% less “Supernatural” discussion this episode.

    Uncle Creepy, myself, Andrew Kasch, and Matt Serafini were freestyling this one, babbling aimlessly about whatever topic any of us wanted to bring up.

    Matt Serafini was feeling especially grouchy this edition so you’ll hear quite a bit about how he felt The Conjuring 2 was repetitive and boring, The Boy outright sucks, and 10 Cloverfield Lane was ruined by its ending. On the positive side, he really liked Lifetime’s lesbian vampire flick Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?

    Other random topics include just what in the bloody hell is going on with the new Friday the 13th movie, AMC’s “Preacher,” Creepy’s love for CBS’s “Braindead” (which may already be cancelled by the time you read this), Andrew’s latest escapades with a certain Halloween cult that will ultimately lead to his and Buz’s mutual destruction, and my reading of a list of the best/worst dog movie pitches of all time.

    It’s all about Woofies, folks.

    Dinner For Fiends

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    Dinner for Fiends

    Dinner for Fiends – The Fiends Awaken



    Dinner For Fiends

    There has been an awakening. The fiends have awakened. Creepy, Fini, Andrew, Foy, and (eventually) Buz have risen from the grave for the long overdue return of Dinner for Fiends.

    It’s been so long since the last DFF we didn’t even bother trying to recap all the movies we’ve missed out on. You realize how many that would be? This show would be 12 hours long. That might make some of our listeners happy. Us, not so much.

    What do we discuss? A little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing. In other words, your typical DFF.

    A few topics we hit upon include:

    • What everyone’s been up to during the show’s hiatus
    • Sought after horror movie director’s cuts
    • The Halloween cult stalking Buz, Andrew, and Creepy
    • “The Walking Dead”
    • “Bates Motel”
    • “Hannibal’s” ending
    • Batman v Superman
    • The upcoming Universal Monsters shared universe
    • The Ghostbusters reboot becoming this generation’s Bobby Riggs vs. Billie Jean King

    And much, much more over the course of two hours.

    So listen up, Dreadites, because who knows when the Fiends will gather again for the next installment!


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    Dinner for Fiends

    Dinner for Fiends – Refriended: Can You Hear Me?!?



    Dinner For Fiends

    Hey, Steve Wood! Yeah, you! You’re like the It Follows of DFF fans. Here’s your stinking Dinner for Fiends! Happy now? Go listen to it on a loop, and leave us the hell alone! You hear me? Stop stalking us!

    For the rest of you, you might be asking yourself, “Dinner for Fiends? What’s that?” You’ve probably forgotten because it has been so long. It’s this mindless podcast where Creepy and Foy yell at one another while Matt Fini calmly proclaims his love for some obscure arthouse horror movie you’d never sit through. Alas, we have had to recast a few roles. The role of Buz is now played by Jinx, and the role of Andrew Kasch’s call-dropping iPhone is also now played by Jinx.

    It’s been so long since the last Dinner for Fiends I don’t even remember when it was. On the plus side, we really haven’t missed that much. On the negative side, that we haven’t missed much speaks volumes about the current state of horror.

    So what do we have to catch up on?

    • A very in-depth discussion of “Bates Motel.”
    • The latest season of “The Walking Dead.”
    • The scene-chewing insanity of “Salem.”
    • Maggie.
    • Spring.
    • The Lazarus Effect.
    • Unfriended.
    • Matt’s hatred for superhero movies.
    • Jinx’s connection problems.

    Topping it all off is the great It Follows debate of 2015, culminating in a surprise twist that would even blow M. Night Shyamalan’s mind. Listen to see if you can spot the exact moment Matt Fini’s head exploded.

    Last but not least, I ramble like a lunatic explaining why Roar is the best horror movie of 2015 despite not being from this year nor specifically a horror movie.

    Unfortunately, we recorded this show right before the release of Mad Max: Fury Road so you don’t get to hear the one movie we would all be in unanimous agreement over. However, I have determined what our names would be in the wasteland world of George Miller’s masterwork:

    Jinx’s Mad Max name would be Ritor Blockus.

    Matt would become Cannon the Go-Go Boy.

    Oddly enough, Uncle Creepy would still be Uncle Creepy.

    And yours truly, Foywonder, would for some reason be known by the moniker Moist the Soothing.

    You’ve waited this long. Wait no more. Dinner for Fiends lives once more. See you again in 16 months, suckers!


    Dinner For Fiends

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