Philosophy of a Knife

DVD Releases: Nov. 24, 2009: Throw The Witches Hammer at The Fiend with a Silent Scream

A handful of this week's releases came out a day early -- on the 23rd instead of the 24th -- but even so, there aren't a lot of familiar names to choose from. The picks of the week are two Blu-rays: My Bloody Valentine (Special Edition) and The Monster Squad (20th Anniversary Edition). If you don't have the tech yet for those, then read on for what you might want to put on your shopping list.

DVD Releases: Mummy Ruins

A hearty list of healthy and horrendous yet heartfelt horrors arrives this Tuesday, July 8th, 2008...

Philosophy of a Knife (2008)

Reviwed by Scott A. Johnson Starring Yukari Fujimoto, Yumiko Fujiwara, Svyatoslav Illiyasov Directed by Andrey Iskanov

Unearthed Readies Philosophy of a Knife

For someone whose earlier films are full of what some call “dream logic” and hallucinatory images, it seems strange that Andrey Iskanov (Visions of Suffering, Nails) would want to tackle a documentary.