Phil Claydon

Another Actress Gets Stuffed Into the Crawlspace

Stars of "Bates Motel" and "True Detective" have already signed on for roles in New Line's Crawlspace, and now another TV star is joining them in that tight space. Read on for details!

Michael Vartan Heads into Crawlspace

Some quick late day casting news is coming in as Deadline reports that "Bates Motel" star Michael Vartan has landed the male lead in Crawlspace, the New Line genre film that’s directed by Phil Claydon (Vampire Killers) and produced by Peter Safran and Rick Alvarez.

True Detective Star to Be Murdered in a Crawlspace

There's no question that everyone who's starred in HBO's "True Detective" is gonna be getting quite the rub around Hollywood, and the first out of the gate is Erin Moriarty, who played Woody Harrelson's daughter on the incredible series.

James Wan Ducks into a Crawlspace with Lesbian Vampire Killers Director

James Wan's plate continues to fill up as he's just signed on to produce another terror tale, this time with Lesbian Vampire Killers director Phil Claydon. Read on for your first details regarding Crawlspace.

Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009)

Reviewed by Evil Andy Starring Paul McGann, James Corden, Mathew Horne, MyAnna Buring Directed by Phil Claydon

James Corden Talks Lesbians, Vampires, and More!

If there's one thing we know you guys can't get enough of, it's lesbians and vampires ... okay, make that two things. In honor of the premiere of Lesbian Vampire Killers in the UK on Friday, March 20th, we've got an interview with James Corden, one of the film's stars.

New Clip: Lesbian Vampire Killers

If it seems like we’ve been overloading you with goodies from Lesbian Vampire Killers, that’s probably because we have been. What can we say; vampires, lesbians, comedy … there’s a lot to love about this baby!

Exclusive: LVK Director Talks US Distro

With Lesbian Vampire Killers just a few days away from its opening in the UK on March 20th, the question on our minds has been, "What's up with some Stateside distribution?" Well, good thing for us that our man from across the pond was able to catch up with director Phil Claydon to get the official word as of now.

Trailer for Lesbian Vampire Killers is Here!

I have to admit with a cheeserific title like Lesbian Vampire Killers I didn’t expect anything too great, but the trailer recently released by Momentum Pictures is pretty damn fun, all things considered. Don’t take my word for it, though; feast your eyes on it below!

Alone Helmer Back for Lesbian Vampires!

I really don’t know if I would be able to consider being stuck in a village full of women who've been enslaved by a vampire curse a bad thing. I mean, women tend to be more seductive when searching for blood, right? I think I could live with that...

Claydon, Phil (Lesbian Vampire Killers)

Phil Claydon first came to my attention eight years ago when he burst onto the UK horror scene with a low budget psychological thriller called Alone, notable for its sole use of first-person POV shots for the film’s serial killer which meant that you never actually saw that character on scree