Phantom of the Paradise

Event Report: Paul Williams and Phantom of the Paradise at Museum of the Moving Image

On January 25th the Museum of the Moving Image held a special screening of Phantom of the Paradise with Paul Williams in attendance, and we have for you here all the highlights of the Q&A.

B-Sides: Phantom of the Paradise for the Hell of It

And now for a special Halloween treat. Not so much the song or the movie it’s from but the truly horrifying venues from which you will see it performed in the double dip video clips included. Why a double dip? For the hell of it!

Six Killer Horror Soundtracks to Rattle Your Bones

Do you know how many horror movies that have completely forgettable music will still end up with a soundtrack available for purchase? I can't tell you the amount of times I've gotten to the end of the credits of a terrible movie and saw "Soundtrack available on ________ records."