Pau Masó

Four Clips From Haunted Poland Leak Online

Looking forward to the latest cinéma vérité fright fest from overseas, Haunted Poland (Nawiedzona Polska)? Well, you're in luck as four clips from the spooker just leaked online. Check 'em out!

New Haunted Poland (Nawiedzona Polska) Trailer Creeps Online

The full trailer for the latest cinéma vérité fright fest from overseas, Haunted Poland (Nawiedzona Polska), is ready to try to send a shiver down your spine. Does it succeed? Read on and let us know!

First Haunted Poland (Nawiedzona Polska) Clip "Sees Something"

Ready for a quick look at the latest indie scarefest coming our way from overseas, Haunted Poland? Come on! You know your curiosity is going to get the better of you so just give in!

Haunted Poland Director Comes Up with The App Killer

Haunted Poland director Pau Masó is gearing up to bring more horror to audiences with the next flick on his bloody plate, The App Killer, and we've got the first details and teaser art. Check it out!

Exclusive One-Sheet Debut - Haunted Poland (Nawiedzona Polska)

A new one-sheet for the latest first-person horror flick, Haunted Poland, or Nawiedzona Polska for you purists out there, has come our way; and we have every pixel of it for you right here.

Ready to Visit Haunted Poland?

For years Asia, the UK, and of course the States have had spectral happenings pretty much on lock-down on a cinematic level, but you can find haunted places all over the world. Case in point ... Poland. Directed by Pau Masó and starring Ewelina Lukaszewska, Pau Masó and Irene González, Haunted Poland (or