Patrick Lussier

Terminator TV Series Headed Our Way

As he always promised he would, The Terminator came back in a big way this year with announcements regarding both a big screen reboot, set for 2015, and even a series of upcoming video games...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms Terminator Role; Talks King Conan and Twins 2 - No Really, Twins 2

The great Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke a little bit to his fan site The Arnold Fans about his next movies, and he pretty much confirmed his gig as the star of the next Terminator flick and much more. Including Twins friggin' 2.

Paramount in Negotiations for New Terminator Movie

It sounds as if the fifth entry into the extremely popular Terminator franchise may have found itself a new home.... one that has proven, especially with Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, that it's not afraid of R-rated content. That's right, kids! The days of Terminators that don't terminate may be officially behind us!

Writers Found for New Terminator Movie

Now that the rights to the Terminator franchise are no longer an issue, it's time for everyone to get back to business and hopefully bring us The Terminator sequel we've all been wanting since the second installment.

Patrick Lussier Adding a Bit of Sci-Fi Flavor to His Repertoire

It's no secret that filmmaker Patrick Lussier is a favorite around the Dread Central offices and whenever a new project he's working on rears its head we are right there to do some digging on it. Read on.

Platinum Dunes in Talks to Take the Reins of Latest Halloween Film

We've been hearing rumors surrounding the latest installment of the Halloween franchise since early last week, and now it seems as if there could be something concrete to report upon. And no, this is NOT an April Fool's joke.

As Expected ... No Halloween 3D This Year

Well, we can't say that we didn't know it was coming ... the long talked about 3D entry in the Halloween franchise, Halloween 3D, has been bumped from this year's release schedule.

Check out Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier's All Too Violent Treatment for Ghost Rider 2

So yeah. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance pretty much sucked, but at least it managed to do so in a somewhat entertaining way. That being said, Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier also wrote a treatment for their vision of the sequel, and you can read about what could have been right now!

Quick Halloween 3D and Hellraiser Remake Updates

Once again "sort of" updates on two high profiles genre flicks, Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer's remake of Hellraiser and of course Halloween 3D, have surfaced online; and even though there's not much in the way of news, we have the latest for you right here.

For the Third Time ... Halloween 3D is a "LONG Way Off"

You know what drives us crazy sometimes? Reporting news. Not that we mind doing it; in fact, we love it. It's just that weeding through all of the bullshit to bring you guys the truth is sometimes a herculean task. Case in point: Halloween 3D.

Drive Angry (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Nicolas Cage, Billy Burke, Amber Heard, William Fichtner, Tom Atkins, Charlotte Ross Directed by Patrick Lussier

Exclusive: Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer Talk Drive Angry

If you happened to miss Drive Angry 3D when it hit theaters this past February, now you’ll have an opportunity to right that wrong as the explosive flick is finally hitting DVD and Blu-ray shelves on Tuesday, May 31st.

Patrick Lussier Talks Next Hellraiser Film

With Drive Angry getting set to hit Blu-ray and DVD, we caught up with director Patrick Lussier to talk about that and his upcoming projects, including the proposed Hellraiser remake. So what's the scoop? Read on to find out!

Exclusive: Todd Farmer Gives Updates on Halloween III, New Hellraiser Flick

While chatting today with writer and actor Todd Farmer about the upcoming home video release of the criminally under-watched Drive Angry 3D, Dread Central had the opportunity to get an update on two upcoming projects he’s attached to: the new Hellraiser project as well as Halloween III.

First Word: Drive Angry Crashing onto Blu-ray and DVD May 31st

If there's any justice in this universe, Drive Angry will find its audience when it comes home to Blu-ray and DVD in May. Read on for the details.