Patrick Hughes

Production Halts on Screen Gems' Remake of The Raid

Though it only came out just a few short years ago, it was nevertheless inevitable that the Indonesian fight flick The Raid would find its head on the ole remake chopping black, and Screen Gems announced recently that they indeed were working on an English-language version of the film.

Visit Red Hill on DVD and Blu-ray in January

One flick we're really looking forward to around these parts is Ryan Kwanten's Red Hill (review here), and thanks to Sony we'll be seeing it really soon! From the Press Release

Red Hill (2010)

Reviewed by Heather Wixson Starring Ryan Kwanten, Steve Bisley, Tom E. Lewis, Claire Van Der Boom

Teaser Trailer, Art, and Synopsis: Red Hill

One film that made a splash over at this year's European Film Market was Patrick Hughes' bloody revenge thriller Red Hill. So the question beckons ... when will we see it here?