New World War Z Trailer Flies High

A second trailer for the highly anticipated and long talked about adaptation of Max Brook's World War Z has arrived, and it's home to a nifty new airplane sequence that you should dig on! Get ready to fly the frightening skies!

Paramount Blinded by Syndrome E

Another adaptation is on its way that centers on a premise that you may not necessarily see coming, and we mean that literally. Deadline is reporting that Mark Heyman (Black Swan) has been tapped by Paramount and Indian Paintbrush to bring the international bestseller novel Syndrome E to the big screen.

The Super Bowl XLVII World War Z Spot has Arrived!

Words alone cannot describe how happy we are when studios get things out of the way early. We wanna enjoy the Super Bowl, too, after all. Speaking of which, here is the the big game spot for World War Z!

World War Z Collectibles Officially on Their Way

Our resident purveyor of all things plastic, Nomad, has just gotten word that new collectibles based upon the upcoming flick World War Z are officially on their way. Read on for the initial details.

Watch a Never-Before-Seen Scene from Paranormal Activity 4

The day is here. Paranormal Activity 4 (Blu-ray review here) has hit home video, and to celebrate its arrival, Paramount has released a scene from "The Recovered Files" portion of the Blu-ray along with a new trailer. You can check them both out right here.

Exclusive: Katie Featherston talks Paranormal Activity 4, Sequels and More!

On Tuesday, January 29th, Paranormal Activity 4 will arrive everywhere on DVD and Blu-ray to bring all the spooky right into your very own living rooms; and to mark the occasion, Dread Central recently caught up with one of the stars who has been with the franchise since the very beginning.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Paranormal Activity 4 Prize Package

In honor of the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of Paranormal Activity 4, we have your chance to win a giant sized prize package filled with everything you need to keep Toby and Katie at bay!

Badass Fan-Made World War Z Posters Score a Headshot

The first bit of artwork for World War Z was released sort of as a placeholder for something cooler. That being said, you're about to see cooler. Much cooler in fact. Check out these fan-made one-sheets!

Join the Paranormal Activity 4 Twitter Viewing Party!

We are about two weeks away from the DVD and Blu-ray release of Paranormal Activity 4, but for you hardcore fans that just cannot wait, you can download the flick early and participate in a live Twitter viewing party!

New Image From World War Z Offers a Bit More of the Same

Courtesy of USA Today a new image from World War Z has hit the internet of people (including star Brad Pitt) looking very worried. Read on for yet another status quo bit of eye candy and look for more, hopefully exciting stuff, soon!

Predators Co-Writer Gets Hellified for Paramount

A writer has been tapped for Hellified from Paramount and Lorenzo di Bonaventura. Dan Bradley is no longer attached to direct. Read on for all the latest details lest your soul be damned to the inferno for all eternity!

Exclusive: Paranormal Activity 4 - Final Art, Specs, and Home Video Release Date

Okay, kids, an exclusive holiday gift from us to you... we have all the info you need about the upcoming release of Paranormal Activity 4 on Blu-ray and DVD, and we've got it on tap right now! Read on for details.

Serial Killers and Earthquakes on Tap for Shake

Having been through several earthquakes since moving to California, I can tell you first-hand that they're no fun at all. In fact, the feeling of helplessness that washes over you during them really sucks. Now imagine if you will a madman being on the loose during one.

Pre-Order the Unrated Edition of Paranormal Activity 4 and Watch Never-Before-Seen Footage!

In case there was any doubt that Paranormal Activity 4 would be released on home video unrated, a text message that just arrived has clarified things: "Pre-order Paranormal Activity 4 (Unrated Edition) TODAY on Blu-ray and DVD and watch never-before-seen footage!"