World War Z Heads to IMAX

Given all of its well documented troubles, it's a wonder that World War Z turned out as well as it did. If you haven't yet had a chance to check it out, now is your time to do so on the grandest cinematic scale possible! Read on for details.

Paramount Sets a Date for New Terminator Film - Judgment Day is Coming in 2015

Since acquiring The Terminator franchise, Paramount has been firing on all cylinders to get everyone's favorite human-killing robot moving again. With their foot slammed against the pedal, we now have a release date in sight. Read on for details.

Check Out Some Cool World War Z Zombie Concept Art

One thing we were very happy with in World War Z was the look of the zombies. These weren't "infected." They were the living dead, and the film gleefully underscored this fact. With Titan Books' World War Z: The Art of the Film (review) now available, we have some zombie concept art to share!

Original Ending for World War Z Revealed and Yes... It Did Kind of Suck

Sometimes reshoots are for the better. That is definitely the case with World War Z. Movies.com has provided a complete breakdown of the film's original ending, and to say it's different is a bit of an understatement.

Paramount Confirms World War Z Sequel in the Works

With World War Z scoring big at the box office, earning a very respectable $66 million in North America and $45.8 million from its first 25 foreign markets, Paramount is celebrating its victory by planning more!

Brad Pitt Talks More World War Z Movies

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, World War Z star Brad Pitt seemed pretty optimistic regarding the possibility of more films based on the Max Brooks novel of the same name. The question is: What kind of talking will the box office do this weekend?

Prep for World War Z with this Look at the Evolution of the Zombie

From most accounts World War Z is more action flick than horror movie so we thought we'd take a quick look back at the "Evolution of the Zombie" from 1932's White Zombie all the way up to today's offerings like WWZ and Warm Bodies.

World War Z - New Still, Collectible Mini-Poster, and More TV Spots

Heading to your theatre tonight to catch the first screenings of World War Z? Then you could be one of the lucky few to score a collectible mini poster which for our money is the best of the bunch! Check it out along with two more TV spots and a new still from Entertainment Weekly right here!

New TV Spot and Reaction Trailer for World War Z

And the World War Z goodies keep rolling in! Next at bat is yet another TV spot along with an audience reaction spot, which is always kinda fun! Check them both out here, and head to theatres this weekend to see if you'll have a similar reaction!

The World War Z Countdown Begins in These Two New TV Spots

World War Z finally lands in theatres this Friday, June 21st, and we have two new quick TV spots that begin counting down the days for us.

New World War Z Clip and a Look at the New York Premiere

World War Z made a big splash in New York last night, taking over Times Square for its premiere with a big Z-shaped red carpet. We have a few pictures of the event to share along with a new clip.

A New Clip and TV Spot Come Together for World War Z

Another day, another helping of the Jenga zombie fiesta that waits for us within World War Z. On deck right now and ready to start crawling the walls is a new TV spot as well as an extended clip.

Breathe In These Latest Promos for World War Z

To kick off your weekend, two more TV spots for World War Z have arrived, both of which are basically just rehashes of the same footage we've seen over and over but with some pull quotes from reviews included.

Get Your World War Z Mega Ticket

If you're gonna go see World War Z, you may as well do it in style, and Regal Cinemas and Paramount have a way for you to do just that! Wanna see the movie and get cool free stuff? Read on for details!