Pacific Rim

Rob Kazinsky Joins Pacific Rim, Willem Dafoe to Follow?

We, like many of you, cannot wait for the latest Guillermo del Toro monster mash Pacific Rim to make it to the big screen. Some more casting news has rolled in and we have all the details for you right here!

Max Martini to Mix it Up in Pacific Rim

Some quick casting news coming in for Guillermo del Toro's upcoming monster mash, Pacific Rim. Yet another actor has signed up for active duty in the creature killin' department. Read on for details.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Pacific Rim Emblem Art

Something kind of cool coming out of the Legendary panel at the San Diego Comic-Con! Your first look at uniform emblem for Guillermo del Toro's upcoming monster mash, Pacific Rim. Del Toro’s film has quietly booked itself into Pinewood Toronto Studios with the working title Still Seas for a six-month shoot through April 2012.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Day 2 (July 22) Schedule Now Live; Panel Info for The Walking Dead, True Blood, and More!

The horror-themed goods at Comic-Con just got a lot bigger and better with the confirmation of Friday, July 22's panel schedule, which includes some of our returning favorite and most anticipated new TV shows such as "The Walking Dead", "True Blood", "Bedlam" and "The River" along with films like Raven, Underworld 4, Fright Night, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and Attack the Block.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Legendary Pictures Bringing Pacific Rim, Seventh Son, Paradise Lost and Mass Effect

Having some of the bigger studios sit out this year's San Diego Comic-Con has made room for others who've never been to the big show before to make a splash. Case in point - Legendary Pictures, who, for the first time ever, will hold a standalone panel to provide attendees with an early look at some of the films from its upcoming slate.

Pacific Rim Sets a Start Date

It's happening, kids! Guillermo del Toro officially has a start date to begin filming his latest monster mash for Legendary Pictures, Pacific Rim! Read on for the details of exactly when all this lunacy is set to begin.

Contagion and Pacific Rim Get Shiny New Release Dates

Time to bust out the old calendars again, kids! Two highly anticipated horror films have gotten themselves some new release dates, and we have all the info you need right here at your fingertips.

Idris Elba Officially Joins in the Battle for the Pacific Rim

Earlier this month we told you that Idris Elba had been offered one of the leads in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. While nothing was official back then, we received word today that the actor has closed the deal and is now on board.

Another Charlie Signing on to Pacific Rim?

The good news, it's not Charlie Sheen although seeing him go head-up against giant monsters would be a mirth filled treat the likes of which is rarely seen. Maybe one day, right? In the interim we have some more possible casting news for you to chew on.

Idris Elba On Hand to Guard the Pacific Rim

We've been saying for years now that the genre is in need of some good old fashioned monster movies, and hopefully this weekend's Super 8 will get things started with a mighty roar.

Sons of Anarchy Star Charlie Hunnam Rides Off to Del Toro's Pacific Rim

With At the Mountains of Madness completely and sadly sidelined, Guillermo del Toro is working full steam ahead on Legendary's upcoming monster mash, Pacific Rim. So much so that the first bit of possible casting news is finally here.

In the Wake of the Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Disasters Pacific Rim Gets a Rewrite

Though giant monsters stomping Japan has long been a staple of creature features, none of the fictitious destruction has ever emulated the true horrors and tragedy that the Japanese people have faced over the last few days. A massive earthquake. A deadly and destructive tsunami. An impending nuclear crisis. Horrendous weather. It seems as if the universe has aligned to wipe them off the map.

Plot Details for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim

Now that things are moving full speed ahead on Pacific Rim for Legendary Pictures, the first details for exactly what to expect from del Toro's next flick have surfaced online. Tread softly, folks; there be spoilers ahead. As per News in Film:

At The Mountains of Madness - More From Del Toro

The news that Guillermo del Toro's next film won't be At the Mountains of Madness for Universal still stings. We're all pretty heartbroken to be honest. So what exactly happened?

Guillermo del Toro a Go for Pacific Rim

Well, the decision has been made. We're pretty heartbroken to break it to you guys that Guillermo del Toro has moved on from At the Mountains of Madness and into the monster-laden territory of Pacific Rim.