Overtime's Brian Cunningham Reveals Insider Filmmaker Details

The horror-comedy Overtime: The Movie (review) starring Al Snow and John Wells is now available. One of the film's creators, Brain Cunningham, has just released insider details of how filmmakers can create their own film and get it into Walmart stores entitled How to Make a Movie for $2,700.

WWE and TNA's Al Snow, Matt Niehoff, and Brian Cunningham Talk Overtime

Okay, kids! Overtime: The Movie (review) releases to the masses on January 1, 2013, and fans will laugh until their eyes bleed in this latest sliver of horror/sci-fi lunacy.

Overtime (2012)

Starring Al Snow, John Wells, Sebrina Siegel, Erica Goldsmith Written and directed by Brian Cunningham and Matt Niehoff

Al Snow Collects Overtime Wrestling With Parasitic Alien Zombies

Al Snow may not have quite reached the same superstar heights as many of his pro wrestling colleagues who have gone on to acting careers, but of late he has been quickly carving out his own niche as a b-movie star. From J.O.B. Squad to hit squad, Overtime casts the ex-grappler as a hitman contending with an alien parasite and the zombies it spawns.