Orphan Black

Get a Sneak Peek of In the Flesh Series 2 in this BBC America 2014 Promo

The UK's "In the Flesh" zombie miniseries returns in 2014 with six more episodes, and this new promo for BBC America gives us our first taste of Series 2 along with the other great British shows and ground-breaking American originals that the network has coming up in the new year.

American Horror Story: Asylum and Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany Win Big at 2013 Critics' Choice Awards

The 3rd annual Critics' Choice Television Awards were handed out last night, and we're pleased to report that horror did pretty well for itself - as did Tatiana Maslany, the breakout star of "Orphan Black."

2013 Critics' Choice Awards Nominees Include American Horror Story: Asylum, The Walking Dead, and Bates Motel

Well, someone out there in TV land obviously loves horror as much as we do as the 2013 Critics' Choice Awards nominees have been announced, and a lot of our favorites are included.

Exclusive: Jordan Gavaris Discusses BBC America's Orphan Black, Clones and Much More

BBC America's conspiracy clone thriller Orphan Black was renewed for a second season, and we recently chatted with Jordan Gavaris about his character Felix, how he got involved on the show and much more.

BBC America Renews Orphan Black for a Second Season

We've lightened up our coverage of BBC America's "Orphan Black" as it's really more sci-fi/thriller than pure horror, but since it does fit in our wheelhouse a bit, we thought we'd share the news of its renewal for another season.

Demand Some Answers from this Sneak Peek of Orphan Black Episode 1.02 - Instinct

It's time to dig a bit deeper into the mystery of BBC America's "Orphan Black" as a new clip and promo have arrived for Episode 1.02, "Instinct." Check 'em out, and be sure to tune in this weekend immediately following a new episode of "Doctor Who," presented by Supernatural Saturday.

Trust Your Gut and Watch This Preview of Orphan Black Episode 1.02 - Instinct; Meet Four of the Clones

BBC America's new series "Orphan Black" has kicked off, and if you watched the premiere and liked it, here's a preview of Episode 1.02, "Instinct," along with some new poster art that shows off four iterations of the clone at the heart of the story.

Get Transformed by this Sneak Peek of Orphan Black

We've seen the title sequence and the opening moments of BBC America's new series "Orphan Black," which premieres this Saturday, March 30th, and now it's time for a sneak peek of outsider Sarah's transformation into polished but damaged cop Beth.

Check Out the Opening Title Sequence from Orphan Black

We've already seen the first three minutes of "Orphan Black," which premieres on BBC America this coming Saturday, March 30th, but something was missing: the opening title sequence, which we now have for you right here!

Watch the First Three Minutes of the Orphan Black Series Premiere

On March 30th "Orphan Black" premieres on BBC America, and to help whet your appetites, the network has released the three-minute opening scene, which you can check out right here!

More Horrors of WonderCon 2013: Hannibal, Hemlock Grove, Pacific Rim, The Conjuring, Mortal Instruments, and More

Now that the full WonderCon 2013 schedule has been released, we know what other genre projects will be joining the already announced Evil Dead and "Under the Dome." It looks like a very busy weekend for horror fans!

Meet the Mysterious Beth in this Inside Look at Orphan Black

In just about two weeks "Orphan Black" premieres on BBC America, and we have an inside look at the show that introduces us to Beth, whose suicide is at the heart of the mystery of the show.

Meet Sarah and Felix in These New Orphan Black Inside Look Videos

We're closing in on the March 30th premiere of "Orphan Black" on BBC America, and the network is doling out the goods for its new show. On tap today we have videos introducing us to both the main character, Sarah, and Felix, her foster brother and confidante.

Another Teaser for BBC America's Orphan Black

The more we see of BBC America's new series "Orphan Black," the more we're looking forward to finding out what the director of Ginger Snaps and one of the writers of Cube have come up with. If you're curious, too, check out the latest teaser trailer for the show.

Loads of Eye Candy for BBC America's Orphan Black

The first gallery images have arrived for BBC America's upcoming new original series "Orphan Black," which tells a story of doppelgangers and multiplicity created by director John Fawcett (Ginger Snaps, "Lost Girl") and writer Graeme Manson (Cube, "Flashpoint").