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More Images from TONIGHT'S The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.10 - The New Deal

Counting down the hours and minutes until tonight's return of "The Vampire Diaries" on The CW? Well then, how about filling that time by checking out a few more images to supplement those we showed off previously right here?

Promo Artwork for the Return of The Vampire Diaries & The Secret Circle; New Preview of TVD Episode 3.10 - The New Deal

You just have to love The CW. Say what you will about how good looking its stars are, but week in and week out no one else delivers the horror goods like they do. Case in point: the return on Thursday, January 5th, of "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Secret Circle", for which we have some very attractive artwork. And there's a new preview of "TVD" Episode 3.10, "The New Deal" (with a few teases of next week's "Our Town") as well, titled "Human or Stefan?"

New Preview for The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.10 - The New Deal

Getting geared up for the return of "The Vampire Diaries" this Thursday night, January 5th? We sure are, and this latest preview video featuring executive producer Julie Plec and co-executive producer Caroline Dries showing us how the town will adjust now that Klaus is living in Mystic Falls has only added to the anticipation.

Stills Gallery for The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.11 - Our Town

In case the batch of stills we posted earlier today from next week's return of "The Vampire Diaries" to The CW wasn't quite enough for you, we also have several images from the January 12th Episode 3.11, entitled "Our Town". They supplement the first look we ran previously of guest star Torrey DeVitto as Dr. Mary Fell (Alaric's new love interest). Check 'em out!

A Handful of Images from The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.10 - The New Deal

The countdown is on to the start of 2012, and you know what that means... We're just a few days away from the January 5th return of "The Vampire Diaries"! How about a few stills from the upcoming Episode 3.10, "The New Deal", to help whet your appetite even further?

2012 People's Choice Awards Nominees Announced

2011 is starting to wind down, which means it's time for all the various awards shows to begin rearing their heads. First up are the People's Choice Awards, which for some reason ditched the Favorite Horror Movie category they instituted last year, but we won't hold that against them too much since "The Walking Dead" made the cut for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show.

A Clip from The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.09 - Homecoming

If you're a regular viewer of "The Vampire Diaries", you know that no crisis is complete without a party or a dance or some such event. Case in point: This week is "Homecoming"! Check out a clip from Episode 3.09, which will hopefully be filled with enough Originals shenanigans to tide us all over until January 5th, 2012, when the series returns from its holiday hiatus.

Image Gallery and Preview of The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.09 - Homecoming

East Coasters have already wrapped up tonight's episode of "The Vampire Diaries", and while those of us on the West Coast have a few more hours to wait, that's not stopping us from looking ahead to next week's Episode 3.09, "Homecoming", and wouldn't you know it? The CW has provided us with an assortment of stills from the ep, and we also have a brief teaser trailer to share.

A Dozen New Stills from The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.08 - Ordinary People

There's nothing ordinary about the latest turn of events on "The Vampire Diaries". We can't wait for Alaric to unravel the mystery of the drawings Mason revealed while haunting Damon. But first there are flashbacks to be savored as shown in these newest stills released by The CW for Episode 3.08, "Ordinary People", airing November 3rd.

Teaser Trailer and a Clip from The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.08 - Ordinary People

Now that those pesky ghosts have been put back in their places on "The Vampire Diaries", it's time to deal with humans again, or at least that's what one would think judging from the title of Episode 3.08, "Ordinary People". But knowing the show as well as we do, we're pretty sure what we have here is a classic bait and switch. Check out this teaser and clip to see if perhaps they provide better intel on the upcoming ep.

Preview and a Clip from The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.07 - Ghost World

Was the badass ending of last week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries" an excellent surprise or what? We cannot wait to see events unfold this week in Episode 3.07, "Ghost World", especially knowing that a certain "someone" is back in Mystic Falls. If you're in the same boat, check out the ep's preview and a clip provided today by The CW.

Image Gallery for The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.07 - Ghost World

Wonder how they celebrate Halloween in Mystic Falls? It's a "Ghost World" apparently, if Episode 3.07 of "The Vampire Diaries" can be believed. Check out this new image gallery from the ep to see which ghosts will be visiting town on October 27th.

UPDATED: A Clip and a Batch of Images from The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.06 - Smells Like Teen Spirit

UPDATED: MORE IMAGES ADDED! We don't know if Episode 3.06 of "The Vampire Diaries", entitled "Smells Like Teen Spirit", will contain a mulatto or an albino, but it definitely has a new hybrid being added into the mix! Check out the ep's preview, a clip, and several stills to see what else might be revealed.

Exec Producer Julie Plec Introduces The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.05 - The Reckoning

It's the day before a new episode of "The Vampire Diaries" airs, and you know what that means: Executive Producer Julie Plec gives us her personal preview of what we can expect. It's Prank Night in Mystic Falls so buckle up, kids! It's sure to be a rough ride!

A Clip and New Images from The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.05 - The Reckoning

With such an ominous title as "The Reckoning", we're almost dreading this week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries". But just "almost" as there's no way we'd miss out on what's already becoming one of the series' best seasons yet! To help build the fans' anticipation even more for the ep, The CW has released several photos and a new clip featuring road buddies Damon and Katherine. Check them all out!