Nick Simon

Lionsgate Schedules the Removal of Billy Burke for January

You’ve seen him play a weary dad whose daughter is dating a vampire in the Twilight movies and a rock-a-billy satanist in Drive Angry 3D. Come January you’ll get to see Billy Burke as a carpet cleaner on the verge of insanity in Removal, co-starring Elliot Gould, Emma Caulfield, and Kelly Brook.

Artwork and Trailer Debut: Twilight's Billy Burke in Removal

No matter how much cleaning you do. No matter what chemicals you use. No matter how hard you scrub. The remnants of a hideously violent crime just will not wash away. In fact, as you'll see from the latest trailer for Nick Simon's Removal ... some memories never fade.

AFM: Twilight Dad Engages in Some Shadow Play

For my money Billy Burke as Bella's dad was the best thing in all of Twilight. Burke, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"'s Emma Caulfield, busty model/actress Kelly Brook (soon to be eaten alive in Piranha 3D), and film veteran Elliot Gould co-star in Shadow Play, a new thriller in the vein of Hitchcock and The Shining about a cleaning man whose sanity begins to unravel as he works to clean up a sprawling mansion.