Nick Mancuso

Walmart Gets Held Hostage by Early Release of Paranormal Thriller

Man goes into a cabin in the woods. Man gets possessed by evil paranormal spirits in said cabin in the woods. Man can't leave because lots of snow hath fallen outside. Sound just a little bit familiar?

AFM 2011: Poster andTrailer for Lost Soul

More indie goodness is headed our way from Pathfinder Productions, which will be taking its latest film, Lost Soul, out to the American Film Market. Check out the sales trailer and artwork right here.

Rise of the Gargoyles (2009)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Eric Balfour, Nick Mancuso, Tanya Clarke, Caroline Neron, Justin Salinger, Ifan Huw Dafydd Directed by Bill Corcoran Distributed by Genius Products

Gargoyles Rise This Weekend

Rise of the Gargoyles pits Eric Balfour ("24", "Six Feet Under"), veteran character actor Nick Mancuso, and soap opera actress Tanya Clarke against evil gargoyles that have grown tired of just sitting atop Parisian cathedrals and have come to life to terrify the "city of lights". You're probably thinking this sounds like the plot of a Sci-Fi Channel original movie. You would be right.