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Dark Reel on DVD!The DVD art for “>Dark Reel (review) has shown up online, and for reasons that will be obvious when you click on it to see it full-size, we’re pretty damn happy with it!

Dark Reel stars Tiffany Shepis, Eddie Furlong, Tony Todd and Lance Henriksen in a film about all the things that can go wrong on the set of a horror movie. Fulong plays a B-movie fan who wins a walk-on role in the latest film starring Cassie Blue (Shepis). He thinks his luck has changed, and continues to get better, as one by one the cast is offed and his part gets bigger and bigger. But, as with all things involving the magic of moviemaking, all is not what it seems.

I don’t know about you guys, but I hear Shepis is in something and I’m instantly interested. Maybe it’s because the girl is just madly in love with me and I know she only continues to work in low-budget horror to get my attention. It’s so cute.

Dark Reel will be hitting DVD on March 10th (pre-order it here); until then you can dig on the trailer below, or check out the official Dark Reel website to learn more about the film now.


Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • ImTheMoon

    I didn’t really care before, but the trailer really makes me want to check this movie out.