DVD Releases: The Netherbeast Alphabet

Some long-awaited titles finally hit DVD this Tuesday, January 6th, 2009. Now we just have to hope they were worth waiting for…

Johnny Butane

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  • Caterpillar

    ALPHABET KILLER will be my only purchase this week. It continues to show Rob Schmidt’s talent as a director and Buffy did a good job with her acting in it. I have a few problems with the script, however. Telling your film from the point of view of a delusional schizophrenic is a pretty poor excuse for leaving every single question unanswered or up for interpretation at the end.

    • Johnny Butane

      Er, it wasn’t Buffy, it was Faith. If you’re going with character names.

  • fceurich39

    just picked up midnight movie found it early also will get eden lake tomorrow

  • Justin Warren

    I think Midnight Movie sounds like tons of fun. I love movies like that–Popcorn, Cigarette Burns, all of ’em!

Johnny Butane