Quench Your Thirst with Tentacle Grape!

Tentacle Grape (click to see more detail)Tired of Red Bull and all its various knock-offs? Looking for something a little different to wet your whistle and recharge your battery? Why not try some Tentacle Grape?

This new beverage, inspired by the genre of adult Japanese animation called Hentai, is a perfect caffeine rush developed by Mnemosyne LLC in conjunction with the folks who put on the Anime After Dark Film Festival. “Obviously I don’t take the brand very seriously… we can’t. The best I can do is develop products that I’d want to buy myself, and frankly this is the right combination of ridiculous and delicious,” says brand creator Dekker Dreyer.

Each 12-oz. glass bottle of Tentacle Grape comes with a collector’s edition label limited to the first thousand cases. Six-packs are currently available for pre-order at TentacleGrape.com for $15.99 plus shipping. Orders placed before January 5, 2009, will be eligible for complimentary Tentacle Grape branded condoms or bumper stickers.

With additional flavors and label designs slated for the third quarter of 2009, this is one item we’ll be keeping a close eye on!

Debi Moore

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Debi Moore

I'll see you on the other side...

  • kanegirl

    Thats right, lets have products that provoke gamer noobs to think its so cool to treat girls as objects and masturbate their little weenies to rape porn. i dont care if its anime, its rape. as a gamer chick i am insulted at something like this and bukkake berry blast. (if that is another flavor coming out) you should be too, debi. if it is soo cool and cute, then you approve of anime rape.

    I also went to the website and did some research on the company, Mnemosyne LLC. While it shows Dekker Dryer, a gross fat geek who def pulls it to anime porn, as the creator with a team, Mnemosyne is the company who offered rubies of eventide. (snorefest online game)
    Actually, Julia Hiroko Howe is listed on sites as being the head or whatever of that company. I think shes got alot to learn about what women/girls have gone through before launching such a product. i get the whole “targeted market” but thats why porn, cigarettes, alcohol, etc… came under fire for targeting kids. now you are creating a play on words with anime rape to sell a soda to comic/anime/gamer boys and greasy men who would grope you in a second cause they think its funny or cool.

    I wont be buying this product and will not be supporting anything from that company or any woman who does not see the difference between sexuality and simply RAPE.

  • Blockbuster

    My best friend once said his porn name would be Buford Khaki. They would call him “Ol’ Boo Khaki”. Ahem. Sorry. Continue.

  • frank_dracman

    Coming soon- Berry Bukake Blast!
    You know, I might just fork over the cash to be the only guy in my town that owns this.

  • Rottenjesus

    It’s just so deliciously wrong…I must buy a case or two. I wonder if it has penetrating flavor? 😉

    I’m just waiting for the eventual Super Bowl commercial.