Weaver Not Back for Ghostbusters 3?

Sigourney Weaver not back for Ghostbusters 3?It’s funny; all the reporting we did about a return to the Ghostbusters series, the news that all four of the original cast members would return for a third movie and our overwhelming excitement for it all, I don’t remember it ever being mentioned if Sigourney Weaver would have a place in the new installment.

“I don’t know really what I would be in it,” she recently told the Chicago Tribune. “Maybe I’d be in a scene. But I’m not that integral a part to the actual Ghostbusting.” Even though the new film is supposed to be about a new pack of Ghostbusters taking over for the old team, she’s got to be in it for a bit, right?

I guess if they’re doing it without Rick Moranis, they can do it without Weaver, but it just won’t be the same. Of course, worrying about such things is secondary to worrying that we don’t end up with another Ghostbusters 2 on our hands, so maybe some changes will be beneficial.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • The Buz

    Don’t you dare insult Ghostbusters 2.

    Well actually go right on ahead. I still enjoy it though.