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What If a True Horror Fighting Game Existed?

With everyone waiting breathlessly for Jason Voorhees and the Predator to hurry up and join the Mortal Kombat X (review) roster, we’re all just sitting here and praying for a day when we can pit our favorite horror movie big bads against one another in an approved and official game. And no… TerrorDrome doesn’t really count as its an unlicensed fanmade title. It is loads of fun though.

This fan art from PrimeOp over on Scroll Boss illustrates what one would look like if Capcom actually ever committed to the concept DarkStalkers style. Even cooler? You can pick up a print of this mock-up from the aforementioned link for just $6 (plus shipping and handling).

Pretty nifty! Oh, if only this were real. The roster includes from top-to-bottom: Carrie, Michael Myers, Candyman, Jason, Freddy, someone whom we assume is Horace Pinker (please correct us if wrong), Herbert West, Leatherface, Elvira, Ash, Chucky, Tarman, The Tall Man, and Pinhead.

horror game - What If a True Horror Fighting Game Existed?

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