‘Zine Review: Rue Morgue #85

Rue Morgue 85 reviewed!Issue #85
December 2008

As is my tradition, allow me to first point out how incredibly badass the art is for the latest issue of Rue Morgue. Another spectacular piece by Ghoulish Gary Pullin!

Just in time for Christmas, Rue Morgue takes the time to look at the career of Coffin Joe, Brazil’s eminent grave robbing psychopath. All right, Christmas and Coffin Joe have nothing to do with one another, but I had you wondering for a minute there, didn’t I?

Due in no small part to the completion of “>Embodiment of Evil, which recently premiered in Brazil to overwhelmingly positive reviews, Scott Gabbey and Paolo Zelati sat down with the 72-year old filmmaker to discuss his history and why it took three decades to finally see a conclusion to the trilogy that began with At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul. The resulting interview is excellent and gives great insight for fans new & old on the incredibly varied career of one of South America’s most interesting exports.

Gabbey also provides a much-appreciated list of essential Coffin Joe films, most of which you’ll have to import if you want to see them anytime soon, and Kier-La Janisse talks to Embodiment co-scripter Dennison Ramalho about how he got involved with the master of Brazilian horror in the first place.

The next article is a look at Dark Horse’s re-release of Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein, a book that’s been sought-after by fans since it was first published nearly 25 years ago. Wrightson’s illustrations go along with the text from Mary Shelley’s original book, which it is pointed out quite a few times is quite different than the filmed versions, and Wrightson still views it as some of his best work. Who can blame him?

James Burrell and Monica Kuebler join forces for the next article, a look back at the history of horror film novelizations, which is just a great piece. All aspects of this sub-sub-genre are covered in a relatively small amount of space, and I bet you’ll look at your paperback copy of Friday the 13th Part 3 differently after you read it.

Finally, Burrell turns in a chat with the cats at Moebius, who are re-creating Aurora’s “Monster Scenes” kits for the collector’s crowd and doing a damn fine job of it. They won’t be demonized by parents or worshiped by kids the way they were when they were originally out, but they look so damn close to the originals what difference does it make?

This issue has a very unique highlight that may offend some of you with decidedly puritan sensibilities; Last Chance Lance takes one (or two, or three) for the team by sitting down with some serious hardcore horror porn, movies like Night of the Giving Head and This Ain’t the Munsters XXX, and the results are pretty damn funny. Plus they chose a great-looking naked chick to highlight the article.

Other highlights this issue include the Christmas edition of “Blood in Four Colours”, in which new/old guy Pedro Cabezuelo points out his favorite Xmas editions of horror comics throughout the years, a nice one-pager about horror journalist Axelle Carolyn’s first book, It Lives Again! Horror Movies in the New Millennium , and some last-page love for Brian DePalma’s woefully overlooked horror musical, Phantom of the Paradise!

Hit up Rue Morgue’s official site for more info on this issue and for all the info you need on subscribing!

Johnny Butane

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